Guest Mix – Hologram Teen
Guest Mix – Hologram Teen

Guest Mix – Hologram Teen

Hologram Teen 3

Hologram Teen is the solo project of Morgane Lhote, the keyboardist who did a record-long stint with legendary French trailblazers Stereolab, with them through the releases and years that categorized them as a seminal group and pretty much made them a household name. She recently released a vinyl 7” via London’s Deep Distance label and is gearing up to release the next single on vinyl via another London label – Happy Robots Records. She’s put together a video mixtape for us below, but first catch her previous single at

Thanks for asking me to contribute a playlist for I Heart Noise. This playlist has no rhyme or reason, just some random stuff I love listening to with cool videos:
Acid Washed – Acid Washed
From Air’s label Record Makers, Acid Washed deliver innovative and fun dance music. This track has some wicked chord changes and is also my ringtone, FYI.
Bruce Haack – Electric to Me Turn
Bruce Haack built his own electronic instruments and made weirdo music. The Electric Lucifer is also my favorite album cover of all times.
Julia Holter – Silhouette
Haunting Baroque Pop melodies. The rest of the album “Have You in My Wilderness” is well worth checking out too.
LA Priest – Oino
Ace Dub Pop single from Britishman Sam Dust, which I discovered via the excellent radio station KCRW here in sunny Los Angeles.
Robert Wyatt – Sea Song
This has to be the most depressing song of all times… But strangely uplifting as well.
Fabio Frizzi – Zombi 2 – Seq. 8
I could listen to this song over and over again. Bittersweet zombie choirs and analogue synths make for a most unsettling and catchy tune.
Jane Birkin – Ex Fan des Sixties
This is my favorite track of the Birkin/Gainsbourg powerhouse. Morbid lyrics about dead celebrities and catchy keyboard lines on a French TV set trying to recreate the NYC subway.
Teenage Mutants & Purple Disco Machine – The Path
My favorite track of 2014, released on the Spanish label Suara, who only feature cats on their covers and also run a foundation for homeless kitties. I think my heart just melted…
Can’t afford drugs? This is cheaper.
Voyag3r -Il Guanto Nero
Post Giallo/Goblin goodness from Detroit Synth-Rock trio Voyag3r.
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