Guest Mix #2 by J Moss (The Modern Folk Music of America)
Guest Mix #2 by J Moss (The Modern Folk Music of America)

Guest Mix #2 by J Moss (The Modern Folk Music of America)

Second guest mix by J Moss – the editor of The Modern Folk of America blog (as well as a member of The Modern Folk / owner of Practice Records). Listen to part 1 here

shamar – song to a friend
shamar is a singer/songwriter from florida. he writes dark and beautiful songs. he has expanded his sonic pallet a bit for his new album ‘home & hearth‘, this song is an example of that. lofi/goth/electro/folk. i highly recommend his first album, ‘the samsara blues‘, as well.
baby bear lo-fi – cypress stump shuffle
Appalachian/floridian jaw harp solo. you don’t hear that everyday. the rest of bay bear’s excellent album ‘5300‘ consists of some sweet claw-hammer banjo reels and ballads.
mcgarnagle – the curious case of benjamin butthole
Weirdo folk from pennsylvania. hard to explain, give it a listen. great song titles though.
the pathetic and elegant – and you’re still here
lofi, minimalist, droney synth-pop at it’s pinnacle from this baltimore, maryland one man band. this song sounds like if a young lou reed made music with nothing but a macbook.
c. strom – red river valley
Extremely lofi appalachian folk music made by a norwegian man that sounds very right. i always feel privileged to receive transmissions from this guy. he also archives 78 rpm records. check that out here.

freddie nunez – heaven’s in your head

title track from the new full length by new york songwriter and rocker freddie nunez. the whole album bangs hard with deeply felt, heavily riffed thinking man’s rock’n’roll. heavy steven malkmus and elliott smith vibes.

ben collier – song of amergin
backwoods folk from this pennsylvania hill dweller. lofi and darkly mystical. contains a truly haunting fiddle run. from his latest album ‘bardo junction‘.
the modern folk – the killer
Much labored over opening track from my latest album, ‘modern folk II‘. yeah, putting my own song on the mix. it’s not like i get paid for this haha.


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