100 Great Music Singles From Boston and New England of 2015 – 86-100
100 Great Music Singles From Boston and New England of 2015 – 86-100

100 Great Music Singles From Boston and New England of 2015 – 86-100

86. Palm Spring Life – Get Well
We were born yesterday and fell off a turnip truck.
Band from Boston/Allston.
87. Lesser Knowns – What You Wanna Do?!
None of the songs really sound like any of the others songs in the best possible way. The songs are a clusterfuck of a hodgepodge of early Kings of Leon, the Stooges, Dinosaur Jr, Tom Petty, and the Lemonheads, but maybe only 2 or 3 at a time. Plus, they hail from New Bedford, MA, which may be a first for any music blog. “There Will Be Dancing” starts off like J Mascis playing Stooges covers but veers off into an old school punk shoutalong chorus. (If It’s Too Loud)
88. Love Love – Murderpedia
Fine dedication to the criminal talent of Lizzy Borden
Jefferson and I were originally tasked to write murder ballads when we’d first started working together two years ago. “Murderpedia” was the first song we worked on. However, we immediately fell madly in love so murder ballads became hard to come by. Songs were pouring out of both of us but mostly love songs for obvious reasons (Chris Toppin: 3 Questions / Examiner.com)
89. Joel Edinberg – Organ Funk 2
Heavy organ funk from Resident Band Leader of the Somerville Symphony Orkestar
90. Bugjar – Wormhole
Some juicy instrumental goodness this Boston trio – think shoegaze take on “Twin Peaks” theme
91. Thirty Silver – GOAT
Boston-based post-punk band. Heavy as a freight train and twice as loud.
92. Burglary Years – “Hey, Do You Want to Come Over?”

If you asked any bandmate to estimate their time getting 100 Roses’ nine tracks ready to share, they’d tell you three years.  Three years is a long time for anything. How long did you stay at your last job? 

Three years of work and it’s yours to hear, tapping into an approach of jangly guitars and bounding percussion that pleads for attention but somehow plays it cool. With its thundering open comes thresholds of glittering instrumentals to get lost in, from the infectious false-optimism of “Hey, Do You Wanna Come Over?” to a perfect slice of silence in the midst of “Ghostwriter’s” shoegaze entanglement. (Allston Pudding)

93. Puzzle Mansion – Fall of Ethan
Spookiest Song Summer award
94. Midriffs – White Washed
Midriffs offering “White Washed” is the longest journey at 5 minutes and 37 seconds, but one would be damned to call this a psych slowburner. It’s more comparable to what we know and love from NHH and The Televibes, the ole penchant for intoxicating instrumental freakouts. (Kids Like You and Me)
95. Aztec – Wasted Days
Luke Martinez, 19 year old singer-songwriter and producer originally from San Antonio living in Boston
96. Solid State Entity – Fixation
Bleak ethereal minimal post-techno from Boston
97. W00dy – Growing Smaller
Experimental electronic pop combined with noise and dance influences
98. Cerah – It All Stood Still
A sad track that’s been sitting on the hard drive for a while. Wanted to share it after listening to it again recently, I enjoy the quiet sorrow it embodies.
99. Password: Dragon – Ocee Waves
The other side of the grass
100. Dr. Quandary – Liber Astra
Sample Heavy / Songs From the Cosmic Desert


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