Gone In 60 Seconds – Participants (An Entire List)
Gone In 60 Seconds – Participants (An Entire List)

Gone In 60 Seconds – Participants (An Entire List)

Finnyerkes is an Alabama/Virginia based duo of Matt Finney and Randy Yerkes whose genre was described as “ambient poetry”.  The band offers their first 4 albums for download via their MySpace page. More recently, they produced a split with fellow band Ten.

Further Info: MySpace / Twitter / Last.fm

Named after waitresses who served travelers in the American West from the late 19th to early 20th century, Harvey Girls is a duo of Melissa Rodenbeek and Hiram Lucke. Formed in 2003 in Lawrence, Kansas, they describe their music as a combination of Prince Paul’s production work and the songs of Shangri-Las.

Further Info: Official Site / Twitter / MySpace / Youtube

We are travelers of the aural unknown, riding the limitless wave of newborn soundscapes into the collective ear. These sounds look to travel into the mind spaces of those who hear its voice and in that exchange there is a hope to inspire and share in the artistic creativity that we all experience together.

Tree No Leaves is Dustin Ray (guitar), Sarah Nicole (keys), Matt Novak (drums) and Jake Hildreth (bass).

Further Info: Bandcamp / Facebook / MySpace / Last.fm

Poly-luminous messiah! Guanoman is a experimental/free musician once from London now located in Glasgow. So far he’s released a handful of releases all genius.

Several collections of his wordless songs came out on the beneficent and financially inconsequential Hazimba label, including his debut mini-album ‘At Hassan’s Rumpus Room’ and the full-length release ‘Thumbs and Consonants’.

Further Info: Soundcloud / MySpace / Last.fm / Twitter / Facebook

PBK aka Phillip B. Klingler is an experimental music composer and artist currently residing in Michigan. He has been a fixture in the noise scene for over 20 years. PBK has collaborated with the likes of Aube, Vidna Obmana, Asmus Tietchens, Wolf Eyes and many others.

Recently he has been working with independent filmmakers, contributing sound cues for the Detroit area horror series, Lee Martin’s “The Midnight Hour”, Hart D. Fisher’s “Flowers On The Razorwire” and director Joe LiTrenta’s film adaptation of Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain”.

Further Info: PBKSound / Philip B. Klingler Interview with Don Campau / PBK on Bandcamp / Last.fm

Chris Rehm (Caddywhompus, Riff Tiffs) has written, recorded and released six full-length albums and three short-running eps (as of February 2010) since late 2007. Chris has experimented with many different styles of music,
therefore each release has its own feel and sound due to his own constantly changing interests, ideas, and emotions.

Further Info: MySpace / Bandcamp / Twitter

Street Cheetah is a walking talking rock-n-roll machine out of Illinois.So far, they produced two albums (“Beach House” and “Death Curve”, both from 2010) as well as split with Commodity. All of the band’s material is avaialble for streaming/purchase via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Further Info: MySpace / Bandcamp / Last.fm

Jewy Sabatay is a rock band out of Pancevo, Serbia, which was formed in 2000. They started playing live shows in early 2001, earning appreciation and applause from crowd that liked post-punk and psychedelic rock bands. So far, they released three albums with the most recent being self-titled one, which came out on French label Chabanes Records in 2009.

Further Info: Official Site / MySpace / Last.fm

Born in a thunderstorm in the rain, raised by two angry lesbians. Pantone247 can knock out a badly recorded shambling ruin of a pop song in time it takes most bands to tune up. Mostly they can do that because they don’t bother to tune up too much. Featuring ex-members of The Red Sweaters, Pauly Paul and Paulingtons and Spudula Ballot. Hearing Pantone247 is like never hearing Pantone247 for the first time.
Further Info: Pantone247 on Bandcamp / MySpace / Last.fm

False Awakening is a one-man project of Julian from Montreal, Canada started in 2006. Inspired by many bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Mono, the pieces and arrangements floats between ambient, dynamic post-rock and experimental music.

Up to now he has released 3 EPs and one LP, including “Dreams Are Gone” (2008) and “So Far, So Close” (2009).

Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace / Twitter

Collapse Under The Empire is an instrumental/post-rock band from Hamburg, Germany. The lineup consists of Martin Grimm (Guitars /Drums) and Chris Burda (Keys/Synthesizer&Drums). They formed in 2007 and released their debut album Systembreakdown (2009) on their own.

Their latest release (as of 2010) is “The Sirens Sound” EP.

Further Info: Official Site / MySpace / Last.fm

An unsigned five-piece from the San Francisco bay area that are churning out an intense and chaotic version of something-core. (Absolutepunk)

Tigon‘s debut EP appeared in 2008 and since then the band recorded numerous EPs and splits. the band’s latest release (as of 2010) is “Scylla Tape”.
Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace / Bandcamp

Vanguard Villains formed in January 2009, born out of the remains of various New York bands. Their huge sound is built on the interplay of acrobatic guitars and drums. The group has been playing the Brooklyn and Manhattan circuit consistently, gaining a following and media coverage. They are currently releasing music independently,
on their own record label.

Further Info: Blog / Soundstatues (Neil S. Matharoo) Blog / Facebook / MySpace

Down I Go is a London based Dinocore/Disastercore/Robotcore/Tyrantcore 4 piece.

They sound like:
Earthquakes, tidal waves, swarms of disease carrying mosquitoes, burning houses, sinking ships, exploding reactors, starving dinosaurs, Bostonites drowning in treacle, fatal coughing fits, burning hair, stock market crash, planes falling from the sky…

More, recently, however the band decided to call it quits and concentrate on another project called Sammy Davis Junior Junior.

Further Info: Official Site / Last.fm / Twitter
The Drone Forest project was initiated by Ian C. Stewart in the year
2002 when he requested electronic audio files from Michael J.
Bowman, C. Reider and Davie Blint. Mr. Stewart then used these files
to create several long pieces of experimental music, which he set to
avideotape of stark Winter trees.
In the Spring of 2003, Drone Forest became active as a collaborative
Further Info: Official Site / Last.fm / MySpace

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Northern Valentine
is an experimental ambient / post-rock group that consists of
husband and wife, Robert and Amy Brown, and a host of
multi-instrumental musicians who join them from time to time.
With a wide range of musicians collaborating with them, a typical
Northern Valentine live show often features band members
switching instruments several times during the performance.
Further Info: Official Site / MySpace / Last.fm
ENE is An experimental group from Richmond VA that was born on
December 23 1990.
They have preformed 100s of shows with a who’s who of the world
wide experimental and dance scenes of the 90’s & 00’s and toured
Japan in 2000. They are also well know to remix artists such as
Kingdom Skum, Labradford, Surfers of Romantica, Muslimgauze,
Ultrafuckers, & Lionel Ritchie.
Because members don’t always live in the same locations, ENE can be both a solo project for
Scott Hudgins and a band.
Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace
Female Demand is a two-piece from Houston, TX.
Members include Bradley & Jonathan. The only
elements in this duo are drums & bass. Their inspirations
& influences differ from each other, but they
still like each other anyway.
So far (as of 2010), the band produced two self-titled EPs.
Further Info: Official Site / MySpace / Last.fm
The forceful Shroud Eater formed January 2009 in the
sweltering heat of Miami, FL. The high temperatures must
serve as a catalyst for the trio’s distinctive cave-man style
powerhouse drumming and sub-sonic low end fury, thick
aggressive, angular guitar riffs and raw, throaty yelling.
Within 6 months of their formation, they recorded and independently
released a 3 song demo EP (mixed & mastered by Torche’s Jonathan Nuñez).
Further Info: Official SiteLast.fm / MySpace
Dead Leaf Echo releases “Truth” in 2010. It was mixed
by Legendary 4AD producer John Fryer (NIN, Depeche
Mode, Cocteau Twins) and features 7 brand new songs.
Dead Leaf Echo’s 2nd EP was released in March 2008 on
Year of the Gallon Records. Featuring their title track
“Pale Fire” mixed by Ulrich Schnauss.
Further Info: Official Site / MySpace / Last.fm
Dave Unger is an experimental rock musician whose music has
ranged from acoustic ballads to full-on free improvised / anthemic
noise  assaults to conceptual art.  he has covered territory from
bebop, blues, singer-songwriter, microtonal composition and
He was a founder of Love666, who were described as the most important band in America by
Alternative Press.
Further Info: Official Site
Electric Bird Noise started in 1997 as Brian McKenzie’s experiment
with loops & effect pedals.
Electric Bird Noise has become more refined over ten years of live
shows & three  albums (Unleashing the Inner Robot (1998), The
Pace (2001), & fragile hearts… fragile minds (2007)) & become
guitar & drum machine driven music. The guitar work is  often multi-
layered & incredibly dense, but not afraid to simultaneously go the minimal  route of
single notes.
Further Info: MySpace / Epitonic / Last.fm
Formed in summer 2007, Nikki Louder started as loud and endless
sessions. First shows and recordings came in fall of the same year
and soon they released their debut,  Silent Bird EP.
In October 2008 Nikki Louder joined the eminent alternative club
tour, Klubski Maraton organized by Radio Student.
Though their music might be compared to Nirvana, At the Drive-In,
Sonic Youth or Arab On Radar, they tend to create their own vision of rock: “epileptic
drumming” and fuzzy bass lines stitch the sound atmosphere, while guitar noise
excursions mix with vocals from the gut and create the sonic rock of Nikki Louder.
Further Info: MySpace / Facebook / Last.fm / Bandcamp
Big City Orchestra is a long running art/anti-art group based
generally in California.
With an ever rotating cast of musician and non-musician members.
Formed in 1979 as house band for network of artist residences in
the South Bay area of Los Angeles.
Almost comedically prolific, BCO sailed through the cassette culture
movement of the 80’s& 90’s with about 130 hour long releases on over
100 labels.
Further Info: Official Site / Last.fm
Pavonine was formed in Texas in 2008 out of the noise project
Naught for 3. Focusing on ambient soundscapes, and heavily
influenced by projects and artists such as William Basinski,
The Hafler Trio, Coil, Lustmord, The Conet Project, Pavonine
uses found sound, loops, field recordings, and freesound along
with software to create sounds most suited for headphones and
darkened rooms.
Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace
Scrapbooker was formed in a garage in Edmonton in 2009 from
the still-warm ashes of the Mark Birtles Project, following a week
long sojourn to the world-capital of decadence and debauchery,
Las Vegas. They combine fiery rock-and-roll theatrics with jarring
stop/start rhythms and spoken-word pieces about absent friends,
televised suicide, and cats-who-blog. Their first album, “Lying For the
Sake of Lying” was produced over the winter of 2009, and was released on May 7th, 2010.
Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace / Bandcamp
Jodienda means clusterfuck in Puerto Rican slang. This particular
Jodienda came about when the music Steve Formel made while
working on a cargo ship in the Caribbean melded with John
Melillo’s backwoods brand of noise. Singable melodies, strange
dissonances, weird forms, and oceanic noise…Jodienda reckon
sound with a deliberately stripped down instrumentation–two
electric guitars and a bass drum. Sounding somewhere between Liars and Nick Cave,
its a spooky mess.
Unfortunately, Jodienda are no more as John and Steve parted ways. John Melillo’s
new project is called Algae & Tentacles (more info below).
Further Info: A&T – MySpace / Jodienda – MySpace / Jodienda – Last.fm
Trunks is an alternative/experimental sextet from
France, which includes Laetitia Shériff, Régis Boulard,
Stéphane Fromentin, Régis Gautier, Daniel Paboeuf and
Florian Marzano.
They like to call themselves an artistic collective rather than
a group.
Further Info: MySpace / Last.fm
Deadhorse is a post-rock band from Erie, PA. Starting in the fall
of 2009, the original intent of Deadhorse was to be a transition
from Brian Morgante’s solo music into full band. After doing a
few shows with the full band material, the band started writing
new material as a four piece: Brian Morgante on guitar, Rachel
Shesman on piano, Josh Travis on bass, and Craig Sucharski on
Further Info: Last.fm / Bandcamp / Bandcamp / Twitter
Johnny Fun & The Hesitations play nice tunes that
make you smile on the inside. In 2003 they were
voted one of the 12 best bands in Drogheda, Co Louth,
Ireland; quite an achievement.
JF&TH were once victims of the geography and only
gigged at Christmas for their mams and dads, but now JF&TH are
gigging more than ever before.
Further Info:  Official Site / MySpace / Bandcamp
FEASTofFETUS has been described as: “what it would
sound like if Lewis Carroll made music” and “like strolling
through a haunted Moroccan street fair”. All songs were
written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered
by Jess Cron in his home studio. In order to play these songs live,
a live band was assembled which includes the talents of: Mike Caffell on drums, Jess Cron on
vocals, (Pesci) Jeff Gray on guitars, Travis Kimble on guitars, Ian Malcolm on keys, and Adam
Scott Paul on bass.
Further Info: Muxtape / MySpace / Twitter
Remora began in 1996 with a web of cassette releases (Anaaron,
Acroyer, Amerse, Eneded, Cemented in Stone, Anadia, Ambient
Drones for One Guitar) that utilized the guitar to create ambient
walls of sound, rather than melodic passages. These releases were
recorded at home during time off from work & other responsibilities.
In recent years, Remora has shifted from pure guitar noise into songs incorporating the sounds
discovered over the time spent exploiting the use of effects.
Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace
Washington DC native Chester Hawkins has peformed as Blue
Sausage Infant since 1986. The sound of BSI ranges from
brutalist noise to textured drones, pounding neo-tribalism,
krautrock-flavored psychedelia, or cut-ups of cultural artifacts.
The vibe that binds it all is a desire to induce trance states by
any means necessary.
Further Info: Official Site / Last.fm / Free Music Archive
Funeral Club was founded by husband and wife, Joseph and Jenny
Andreotti in 2006. The Andreotti’s were inspired to begin Funeral
Club by their grandparent’s journey from Oklahoma to Bakersfield,
California during the great Dust Bowl migration, 1960s spaghetti
westerns, David Lynch soundtracks, and the late 70s punk movement.
Their grandparent’s stories, the desolate scenes and sounds from the spaghetti westerns,
the beautiful music found in Twin Peaks, and the raw intensity of the early punk aesthetic,
continue to inspire Funeral Club.
Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace

And, finally, two slightly mysterious one-man drone/ambient/noise

Rectum hails from NYC and prefers to builds music out of found sounds, as opposed to using any preconceived ideas.

Drohnwerks material appeared on such labels as Noise-Joy, Digital Vomit and ISIGTUTEOT.


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