Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Down I Go
Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Down I Go

Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Down I Go

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London based Dinocore/Disastercore/Robotcore/Tyrantcore 4 piece.
They sound like:
Earthquakes, tidal waves, swarms of disease carrying mosquitoes, burning houses, sinking ships, exploding reactors, starving dinosaurs, Bostonites drowning in treacle, fatal coughing fits, burning hair, stock market crash, planes falling from the sky… РLast.fm

Note – Unfortunately, the band is no more, but members also have a new project called Sammy Davis Junior Junior.
This Is Dinocore CD (Self-Released, 2005)
This Is Disastercore CD (Undergroove, 2006)
Tyrant CD (Undergroove, 2008)
Witness The Shitness EP CD / MP3 (Self-Released, 2010)
Further Info: Official Site / Last.fm / Twitter
Reviews / Features: Drowned In Sound | Sputnikmusic

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