Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Blue Sausage Infant
Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Blue Sausage Infant

Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – Blue Sausage Infant

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Blue Sausage Infant is the work of Chester Hawkins of Washington DC. For 24 years, BSI has produced music that combines aspects of noise, drone, krautrock, sample-plundering, dark ambient, and kosmische electronica to produce a multi-layered feast for the brain. In 2008, BSI shifted focus from the studio to live performances, often combining costumes, lights, and films to enhance the experience. Hawkins describes his music as “mean-spirited euphoria,” a complex breed of long-form psychedelia with a hint of menace lurking under the bliss. Blue Sausage Infant’s latest album, “Flight of the Solstice Queens” was released in April 2010 on the Zeromoon label, and has been praised as a masterpiece of unique head music
On the story behind “Krackrock”
The phone message is legit: The caller is friend and musical collaborator Jason (who performs solo as Pilesar here in DC), and was annoyed at not getting a return phonecall from me. So he improvised this ridiculous teasing blues acapella thing into my voicemail and actually stretched it out for a long time, including vocal guitar solos and other nastiness. There was another verse in there about how I owe him a beer since I never called him back, etc.
So of course, rather than calling the man back, I figured I’d loop the basic blues riff he vocalized and make some foolish tune out of it, and release it someday.
Then the invite to participate in GONE IN 60 SECONDS came up and the timing was perfect. My pieces normally go from 8-40 minutes, so if this concise format idea hadn’t come along, I have no idea what the hell I would’ve done… So after the vocal loop was recorded, the rest was easy: Just a typical BSI-style pileup of sounds, vaguely jamming off Jason’s vocal riff. Add the voicemail signature. Done.
Selected Discography:
Supple Supple CDr (Intangible Arts, 2001)
Scalpels For The Animal God mp3/CDr (Zeromoon, 2009 / Intangible Arts, 2009)
Flight Of The Solstice Queens CD (Zeromoon, 2010) (Review) (Buy It)
Egg mp3 (Zeromoon, 2010)
Further Info: Official Site / Last.fm / Free Music Archive

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