Gloss Drop – The Reviews Are In!
Gloss Drop – The Reviews Are In!

Gloss Drop – The Reviews Are In!

A collection of reviews for sophomore album from New York supergroup Battles.

Now functioning as a trio, Battles enlist an impressive troupe to fill the Braxton-shaped hole on their sophomore album. Synth-pop icon Gary Numan, Blonde Redhead singer Kazu Makino, Chilean disco dweller Matias Aguayo and wildcard Yamantaka Eye of Japanese noiseniks Boredoms all lend their lungs to this intriguing follow-up. Braxton’s influence remains in the whimsical mood and heavily processed, synthy guitar sounds, especially on instrumentals like “Africastle” and “Wall Street.”
Gloss Drop is a busy bundle of energy, with a focus on Afro-Cuban rhythms and dark, muscular undertones. As guitarists Ian Williams and Dave Konopka squeeze cartoon birdsong, xylophone mimicry and carnival reels from their instruments, erstwhile Helmet drummer John Stanier attacks his kit in typically brutal and exhausting fashion.
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