Gift of Music from IHN!
Gift of Music from IHN!

Gift of Music from IHN!

Gift of Music
We love giving presents here at IHN and for the next 24 hours we’re giving you a gift music! That’s right – digital versions of our releases are yours for the taking, no questions asked and no strings attached.
Lets go through them one by one, shall we?

Petridisch – A Fixed Point

I really like how this album is difficult to define in terms of style, which gives it such a great sound.
The arrangements and layering are really good, there are contrasting ambient / uptempo elements and subtle unexpected chord changes which add a great tension and often an edge to the songs. – Andrulian

See also: Expanded Version of AFP on Distrokid

Petridisch – 358

Petridisch is a great moniker for this project as each track plays out like a sound experiment. Tracks are given enough room to breathe before moving to the next, but it flows well from track to track. Vocal manipulation carry this whole thing which carries a subtle menace throughout. – Whettman Chelmets

See also: VHS/Cassette/DVD of 358 on Illuminated Paths
See also: 40 for 40s – Petridisch / Cryostasium
Visit Fish Prints – label run by Petridisch

William Carlos Whitten – Burn My Letters

Some class songs gathered together here, from the melancholic “Later years, decline and death” to the Nashville-ready “Poor thing”. Mr.Whitten delivers classic virtues packed in a warm and natural sounding production, where a piano sounds like a piano and the vocals are not autotuned to death. I guess, that he loves Lou Reed and David Bowie in his “Hunky Dory”. – Dirk Radloff / Heartscore

See also: Vinyl Reissue of Bad Timing by Grand Mal on Asura Revolver
See also: Report Cards for Burn My Letters + Bill Whitten Reflects on Johnny Thunders / NYC

Turkish Delight – Howcha Magowcha

Any band that cites influences as sonically diverse as Brian Eno, the Residents, Fred Frith, the Ex, Cecil Taylor, Contortions, Polvo, Dog Faced Hermans, Pharaoh Saunders, Eno, Sonic Youth, Zeena Parkins, and Peter Brötzmann (for starters) is bound to be difficult to pin down, but what’s so surprising — and refreshing — about TD is how adeptly they spun those influences into something uniquely their own. – Warped Reality Magazine

See also: CD Reissue of Turkish Delight catalog on Reckless Yes
See also: Recap – Praise for Tommy Bell / Howcha Magowcha

Skyjelly – We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers

This album opens with mournful tones and simple guitar lines that transports me back to a mid 90’s haze of long road trips, meeting up for gigs and crashing on sofa’s after staying up late talking. It then becomes Ecstatic Lo-Fi with insistent rhythms, freak-out guitar and delirious vocals. A short melodic comedown before the psychedelics are re-upped with K-Dot which is a total trip of massive rolling bass, a wildly echoed vocal and noise. The whole thing is wonderful. – Vogon Laundromat

See also: Skyjelly & SUN (Self Released) / Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert or Wizard (Doomtrip Records) / Gost Rock + Black Powder Sunrise Girl (Eggs in Aspic)

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