Listen: Flat – The Art Of Truncation Compilation
Listen: Flat – The Art Of Truncation Compilation

Listen: Flat – The Art Of Truncation Compilation

Flat The Art of Truncation Compilation

Hear 4 songs off of 1991 comp The Art of Truncation!



1. Vertigo: Nabrishkan Dreams

2. John Solt: As Soon As I Wake Up

3. Ken Ando Convenient Ensemble: Whump

4. Wisconsin Conservatory of Noise: 60 Seconds for Orchestra

5. Byron Coley: The Bark at Bob’s Backdoor

6. Sun City Girls: Encyclopedia Vomitanica

7. Bastro: It’s Mercury I’ve Got In My Hips

8. Gregg Spence: I Need Somebody

9. Yusuke Keida: A Poet’s Sea

10. Daniel Johnston: River of No Return

11. Craig Hill: My Mother’s Not Albanian

12. Cruel Frederick: Small Note

13. PGR: Eight Corners of the Horizon

“FLAT volume one copyright (c) 1991 Locust Free Music Co.

Edited by Bob Moore. Contributing Editor* Todd Homer Cover art: Elmyr de Holy “Le baffi de lumiere” (ala Jean Cocteau) from the archives of John Solt. Used by permission. Dear Listener: You are holding in your hands the first installment of FLAT, a projected series of 7″ discs documenting short, short musical and poetic compositions. Locust Press and Record Co. is a sporadic and transitory label dedicated to promoting only the most brilliant and amazing work on the planet, in the spirit of the now-defunct ESP and L.A.F.M.S. labels. Who knows what will happen to the collective unconsciousness as the parameters of the known are transcended and universal hesitancy is protracted? Dynamite the bastions of bad thinking and unrepentant torpor! Give voice to the apparitions of troubled sleep! Cast off the hackles of dead earplugs! Explode the sensibilities of recurrent daydreams! Squish your toes in the mud of imagination! Burn down! Cut loose! Blow up!
VERTIGO – “Nabrishkan Dreams’ (c) 1991 Skidmark/TAL (BMI)///
KEN ANDO CONVENIENT ENSEMBLE – ‘Whump” (c) Puptent Aplenty Music (BMI) Ken Ando – electric guitar; Guy Bennett – bass; Mike Ezzo – drums///
SUN CITY GIRLS – “Encyclopedia Vomitanica” (c) 1991 Cloaven Music///
BASTRO – “It’s Mercury I’ve Got in My Hips” (c) 1991 A/C Records. Recorded at Serafino Sound by Brian J. Paulson 11/88. Bastro is David Grubbs, Clark Johnson & Britt Walford. Contact Bastro % Gastr Virgo, 3345 Brownsboro Rd., Louisville, KY 40207 USA///
GREGG SPENCE – “I Need Somebody” ((c) 1973 I. Pop/J. Williamson). “Recorded late one night in January of 87 on a 4-track. I sang through my guitar amp. Had been on Stooges binge and this is what happened ….” //
/YUSUKE KEIDA – “A Poet’s Sea” BlO: Born in Nemuro, Hokkaido, Japan in 1939. Moved to Sanjo, Niigata-ken in 1944. Graduated from Niigata University. Teacher of junior high since 1961. He is one of “The Road” group poets (Rojo-ha), flexible and influenced by the Beats, especially by Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. He is founder and editor of Blue Jacket Press with 25 Blue Jackets, private poetry journal and two poetry books. His magazine now aims at being a global Beatnik mag. Address: 1-5-54 Sugue-cho, Sanjo City, Niigata-ken, JAPAN 955///
DANIEL JOHNSTON – “River of No Return” (c) Eternal Yip Eye Music. (BMI). Previously released on the limited-edition Daniel Johnston Merry Christmas 1988 cassette./ //
CRAG HILL – “My Mother’s Not Albanian”. As founding member of SCORE, Crag Hill has contributed to the world of language — via texts, language performances, verbal/visual publications — for over ten years. ///
CRUEL FREDERICK – “Small Note” (c) 1991 Puptent Aplenty Music (BMI) Lynn Johnston – woodwinds; Guy Bennett – bass; Mike Ezzo – drums/ //
PGR – “Eight Corners of the Horizon” (c) 1991 Silent Records. Composed by Kim Cascone.”
Buy it: Hyped to Death

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