Flashback – Melvins and Rush share the stage!
Flashback – Melvins and Rush share the stage!

Flashback – Melvins and Rush share the stage!

Cow Palace, S.F. – 2/12/94. The majority of the Rush crowd HATED the Melvins and booed them, so the Melvins played slower just to piss them off. It was amazing!


Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say, and the best proof is strange tour pairings – to witness:
Exhibit A: Sonic Youth and Neil Young
Exhibit B: Devo and Sun Ra
Exhibit C: Melvins opening for Rush
While not as well documented as SY/Neil Young tour, nor as random as Devo scaring off Sun Ra fans on Halloween Night in 1975, the meeting between Melvins and Canadian kings of prog rock uber-nerdiness still deserves a closer look (one might also argue that this slowed down version of Rush classic shows that two bands are not too far off from each other, but I digress).
According to an interview that Buzz did with Ventura County Star, Rush fans didn’t took too kindly to Melvins:

We did some shows opening for Rush that were pretty weird — their audience totally didn’t get it.

Further confirmation comes from one self-described Rush fan:

Not that The Melvins are bad, but a Rush crowd may not necessarily be a Melvins crowd. The Melvins got booed mercilessly and they just played their set as fast as they could. I kind of felt bad for them.

According to the same VC Star interview Rush themselves were far nicer to the band – the evidence in the form of postcard mentions both Primus and a bottle of champagne. Even more evidence comes in the form of Youtube vid that captures the band playing “Oven” (do note comments from Mark Deutrom, another former member of Melvins):

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