Female Demand Interview
Female Demand Interview

Female Demand Interview

Given that FD is a duo that relies only on drums and bass, do you ever get compared to bands like Lightning Bolt?
Yes we do. But we usually take it as a complement. I mean to get compared to a band that is well known for making the music that they make, it’s a very kind and humbling thing for us to hear.
I, personally, would love to see you sharing the stage with Lightning Bolt – that would make for a great double bill. I should start a petition about this and send it directly to LB!
We would love for this to happen. We recently saw them when they stopped by our hometown Houston, Tx. Quite honestly one of the best and most energetic shows I’ve ever seen.
So far, your discography includes two 4-song EPs – when can we expect a full-length from the band?
At the moment we’re in the process of finishing up and refining our new Album for the studio in November. Hopefully if all goes well then we’ll be seeing its release sometime in April or May. It’ll be a 10 track LP of material that we’ve been working on for a little while now and it will feature more of what our last 2 EPs had to offer,( i.e. more vocals and more electronics)
Which do you enjoy more – recording music in the studio or playing live? Any plans for a massive East Coast tour?
We enjoy both performing live and Going into the studio. Although, we’re hardly ever in a recording studio setting so we’re naturally used to performing live more. In conjunction with the release of our next record, we want to be touring extensively through out the whole country. We really want to be back out there around april or may. But it’s all still in the works at the moment.
You are based in Texas – in which ways do you think this influences your music?
I think Texas has an influence on our music in a couple ways. One, we’re based in Houston, so we’re automatically disassociated with a lot of other bands because a lot of what comes out of Houston is very ahead of it’s time i.e. weird. And Texas has a good line of great bands that have come out of it, so there’s an incentive to be in the same category as the likes of The Octopus Project and The Trail of Dead. All in all, Texas influences us cause it’s home.
Any non-musical influences to your work? Any movies, cartoons, books?
We gain inspiration from all sorts of things. Life as a whole has inspired us to do what we do. So as we go on, our experiences help us to create our music. Like all artists, your art is a reflection of lifes experiences. But for me personally, I enjoy reading various graphic novels and watching movies. Bradley and I listen for phrases or look for statements in films and if we hear a sentence or phrase that we like, we’ll make note of it and maybe sometime in the future maybe use that phrase to name a song we just finished. But we find inspiration in the most random things too. Just depends on what mood we’re both in I suppose.

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