Events – ATP New York 2009
Events – ATP New York 2009

Events – ATP New York 2009


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Named after Velvet Underground song of the same name, All Tomorrow’s Parties festival was founded by Barry Hogan in 1999 as an alternative to larger/more corporate festivals like Reading and Glastonbury. This year’s edition of the festival is going to take place at Kutshers Country Club, Monticello, New York and is going to be curated by ATP and special guests Flaming Lips.

The concert is going to hold more than a number of surprises, including Feelies reunion (with the band performing their album “Crazy Rhythms” in its entirety), Boss Hog reunion and No Age playing a set of songs by Husker Du.

So far the line-up looks like this:

Friday, September 11th – Don’t Look Back / Comedy:

Jesus Lizard

Iron And Wine

Dirty Three performing Ocean Songs album

Suicide performing Suicide album

Feelies performing Crazy Rhythms album

Drones performing Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float album

Saturday, September 12th – Curated by ATP:

Animal Collective

Panda Bear



Boss Hog


Dead Meadow


Sleepy Sun

Black Dice

Antipop Consortium


Atlas Sound


Sufjan Stevens



Circulatory System

Sunday, September 13 – Curated by the Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips

Boredoms performing 9 drummer Boardrum

No Age performing Husker Du

Caribou performing as Caribou Vibration Ensemble

Deerhoof with Martha Colburn

Stardeath And White Dwarfs

Crystal Castles

Boris performing Feedbacker album

The Low Lows

Oneida presents The Ocropolis


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