Download – ZnO Noisecast: January 2011
Download – ZnO Noisecast: January 2011

Download – ZnO Noisecast: January 2011

ZnO is a website/blog of the musician Mark Ashworth and more recently he produced the first podcast…or noisecast rather.
Vol.1 includes an excellent collection of 7″ singles from the early 90s.  You can get it here or read more detailed report on all the singles included here.
A complete list of singles included in the podcast/noisecast:
Honor Role – Purgatory
Zeni Geva – Disgraceland
Fudge Tunnel – Cat Scratch Fever
Butthole Surfers – Jimi
Jesus And Mary Chain – Rollercoaster
Silverfish – T.F.A.
Dinosaur Jr. – Bulbs Of Passion
Sonic Youth – Come and Smash Me Said the Boy With The Magic Penis
Scorn – Soleil Noire
Headbutt – Stomach Swab
Melt Banana – Too Rough To Scoop
Pussy Galore – SM57
The Locust – How To Become A Virgin
Sun Ra – Out There A Minute
Brainiac – Cookies Don’t Sing
70 Gwen Party – Get Sick On The Beach
Arcwelder – Raleigh
The Pushkins – Lotuseater
Barkmarket – I Drown
Drive Like Jehu – New Math
Rodan – Milk and Melancholy
Edsel Auctioneer – Our New Skin
Bailter Space – The Aim
Thee Hypnotics – Love in a Different Vein
Shudder to Think – Vacation Brain
Shellac – XVi
God Machine – What Time Is Love? (KLF cover)
Needless to say – this is a must for anyone into 90s noise/indie scene!

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