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M31 – Infected Dreams EP (Rack & Ruin)
M31 are a trio based in Santa Ana, California who describe themselves as “the noise created from garage rock, punk, blues, and psychedelia crashing together. Scraping together melodies, sounds, songs, and equipment we make music cocktails for altered days.” Their list of influence include Suicide, Rudimentari Peni, Nirvana, Sonic Youth as well as non-musical influences like crack cocaine and acid.
Rack & Ruin Records label offers a download of their “Infected Dreams” EP – get it here.
Further Points Of Interest: MySpace / OC Music Magazine Interview / Little Did They Know blog on M31
Handglops – The First Party (single)
Handglops were described as “Lo-fi, distorted to all hell, noise pop. Emphasis on distortion. Abrasive, dissonant, fuck-up-your-ears-when-listening-to music” and an ultimate party machine. So far, this Ohio band produced one split and one full length entitled “Ronk Ng Rool”.
Pitchfork offers one “The First Party”  off of their debut album for download – get it here.
Further Points Of Interest: MySpace / Twitter / Official Page

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