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Silber Records is a North Carolina label which offers plenty of out-of-print compilations via their website – completely free of charge! Here’s just a small sample:
Songs For America –  11 tracks from  Remora, Electric Bird Noise, Clang Quartet, Michael J. Bowman, Anaphylaxis and others.
Songs For The End Of The World – 17 tracks from Land Of Nod, Rivulets, Rollerball, If Thousands, Jesicca Bailiff and others.
Silber Sounds Of Halloween – 30 tracks from Attrition, Tara Vanflower, Lycia, Thisquietarmy, Remora, Electric Bird Noise and others.
Various Friends Of Silber: Winterizing – 26 tracks from Clang Quartet, Moodring, Small Life Form, Andrew Weathers and others.
Check out the rest of “Free Downloads” section on Silber.
Also – check out the label’s video channel on YouTube.

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