Download // Tellus – All Guitars! Compilation
Download // Tellus – All Guitars! Compilation

Download // Tellus – All Guitars! Compilation


Tellus on Wikipedia

Originally conceived in New York in the early 80s, Tellus magazine was a self-described “subscription only, bimonthly publication” created in order to document New York scene. Each issue of magazine was coming with a tape compilation with music revolving around one specific genre/theme.

Tellus “All Guitars” issue came out in 1985 and was curated by Tom Paine (Live Skull) and a cover art was created by Jane Bauman. As the title suggests, this is a collection of guitar pieces by various New York artists (and some of non-natives, as well).
Thanks to UbuWeb sound archive, the compilation is available for download here.
Here’s a breakdown of the content on the compilation:

Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) contributed his spoken word piece “The Bridge”, which also appears on “East Jesus (Some Recordings From 1981-1991)”, a 1995 compilation of his solo work.
Arto Lindsay (DNA, Lounge Lizards) and Toni Noguiera contributed their piece entitled “Buy One”, which is exclusive to this compilation.
Janice Sloane contributed her piece entitled “Blow Sounds On The Nail”, which is exclusive to this compilation.

Butthole Surfers contributed live (recorded at CBGB) version of their track “U.S.S.A” to the compilation. Studio version of the track appears on their 1987 album “Locust Abortion Technician” and it also appears on 1995 compilation of Surfers work called “The Hole Truth… And Nothing Butt!!!”. Another live version of this track appears on “Double Live” album, which came out on King Coffey’s label Latino Bugger Veil in 1989.
Bob Mould (Husker Du) Soundcheck is self-explanatory.
Bond Bergland (A Chocolate Mess, Factrix, Saqqara Dogs) contributed his piece entitled “Moonlight Ride”, which is described in notes as “composition for processed electric guitar divination with tape inlets.”
Joseph Nechvatal (one of the founders of Tellus) contributed his piece “Dalychtocracy” to the compilation. Its described as “Stratocaster duet overdubbed.”
Elliot Sharp (Carbon, Mofungo, Hi Sheriffs Of Blue) contributed his track “Solitions” to the compilation.
David Linton (Plus Instruments, OWT) contributed his track “Ringo” to the compilation.
Jules Baptiste (Red Decade) contributed his piece entitled “Four To Deuce” to the compilation.
Tim Schellenbaum contributed his piece “El Baile De Penetencia Dolorosa” to the compilation.
Bump (a trio of Mike Sapol and Jim Biederman from Krackhouse and Ruth Peyser) contributed their track “I Am Rat” to the compilation.
Rudolph Grey (Red Transistor) contributed his piece “1000 Luminous Flowers In The Red Pool” to the compilation.
Hahn Rowe (Vibra, Firewater, Hugo Largo) contributed his piece “Dust Bowl Dub (For Fretless Bass, Guitar & Machine Rhythm)” to the compilation.
John Myra contributed his piece “Skatebike & Perdue” to the compilation, which, according to notes, “was inspired by a sexy perdue chicken and a man who would ride a skatebike.”
Lydia Lunch (8 Eyed Spy, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks) and Lucy Hamilton (Don King, Mars) contributed a track called┬á “Lucy’s Lost Her Head Again”, which also appears on “The Drowning Of Lucy Hamilton” album.
Sue Hanel (Swans) contributed an untitled piece to the compilation.
Blixa Bargeld (Einst├╝rzende Neubauten) contributed an untitled piece to the compilation.
Andrew Nahem (Ritual Tension) contributed his piece called “Insult” to the compilation.
Sandra Seymour contributed her track “Rock That Baby!” to the compilation.
Run Nig–er Run (a one-off project which involved Steve Albini from Big Black/Rapeman/Shellac and Nathan Katruud / Nash Kato from Urge Overkill) contributed their track “Pray I Don’t Kill You Faggot” to the compilation. Albini’s instrumentation is described as “moan guitar, bass guitar, tape, drums”, while Kato’s instrumentation is described as “Arabian guitar, theme from Shaft guitar, big muff guitar, Bling-Tang guitar.”
Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) contributed his track “Skrewer Boy” to the compilation.
Mark C. and Marnie Greenholz (both members of Live Skull) contributed their track “Bad Hospital”, which is described in notes as representation of the work “completed since the recording of the album “Bringing Home The Bait”.”
Glenn Branca contributed an excerpt from his 14-minute piece called “Acoustic Phenomena” to the compilation.
James Vidos contributed his piece “Rudy Has Religion” to the compilation.
Angela Babin and Joe Dizney contributed their piece entitled “Work Song (Cameroon)” to the compilation.
Frankenjerry (graphic artist who worked with Honeymoon Killers, a band featured on this track) contributed his piece “Funhouse” to the compilation.

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