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Hi-Fi Acrobatics Commission – S/T
H-FAC is a duo of Jason Joyner and Sean Moore who offer their self-titled album for download via the band’s Bandcamp page. It’s a nice melange of digital (and other sounds) which is described in the following way:
“Roughly six years ago, Jason Joyner (Pardon My Carbon) & Sean Moore (Viernes, Estate Sale Boat) started crafting minimalistic sound pieces under the moniker, Hi-Fi Acrobatics Commission. The sessions were recorded in an improvisational manner between the ungodly hours of 2 A.M. to 6 A.M. Electronic flourishes were later added by Miguel Miranda (Fall Apart Machine, Dodger) after the initial sessions were completed. The album was scrapped and abandoned after roughly two years of sporadic tracking. In 2009, the recorded tracks were dusted off and given a few melodic additions.”
Further Points of Interest: MySpace
Street Cheetah – Beach House / Death Curve / Commodity split
SC are a walking talking rock’n’roll machine out of Illinois. The band offers two of their albums for streaming/purchase here.
Further Points of Interest: Facebook / Myspace / Last.fm / Twitter
Weed Hounds – Demo / Dude Japan Split / Beach Bummed b/w Skating Away From The Cops
WH are  great lo-fi / fuzz / noise / shoegaze band out of Long Island. They offer download of all of their material from the band’s Tumblr page.
Further Points of Interest: MySpace / Twitter / Last.fm / Styrofoam Drone / AV Club / Impose Magazine / Icoulddietomorrow / Built On A Weak Spot / Nailgun
Nomogram – Ae To Sea
Nomogram are hailing from Dundee, UK and offer a download of their debut album Ae to Sea via the band’s Bandcamp page.
Further Points of Interest: MySpace

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