Listen: Polyp Explodes (compilation)
Listen: Polyp Explodes (compilation)

Listen: Polyp Explodes (compilation)

Originally released in 1988 on Butterylicious Productions, Polyp Explodes compilation is now available for download (thanks to Richard Smith, member of Crust and Miracle Room and owner of BP). Download it here. (no longer available on the website, but Youtube to the rescue!)

Here’s a summary for each band featured on compilation:
crust1Crust – Austin, TX trio which featured members of Bontempi Bros and Miracle Room. Some of their first recordings are featured on this compilation – Black Tuesday (which also appears on “Sacred Heart Of Crust” 12″), Traveling With Berlitz (which also appears on “Love And Napalm Vol.2” compilation) and Sack Lunch (unavailable elsewhere).
mr-05Miracle Room – Texas band with a rotating line-up of performers, which, throughout years featured members of Seemen, Barkmarket, Crust and even one of the members of Blue Man Group!
ST37 – Austin band with a lengthy collective history, which toured with the likes of Ed Hall, Seemen and Crust
detector4120302Seemen – Self-described as “collaborative effort of Kal Spelletich and some forty art dropouts and extreme technology”.
Ed Hall – Austin band which was influenced by Butthole Surfers and released numerous CDs/LPs in the late 80s/early 90s. Described by Southern Records website as “A band without an Ed Hall. A noise without description. Sonic vomit.”
Thanatopsis Throne – Short-lived 80s band which featured Jon Torn,  future member of ST37 and son of actor Rip Torn and Bob Bechtel (Elegant Doormats, Triplewide)


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