Listen // Gone In 60 Seconds Compilation
Listen // Gone In 60 Seconds Compilation

Listen // Gone In 60 Seconds Compilation

Subtitle – A Collection of Short Songs From Friends & Devotees of I Heart Noise
Note – Edits & B-Sides section includes songs that weren’t originally 1-minute long / second submissions
Artwork by: Timothy Daniel (T.D.) Flynn (Bio + Interview / Website)
Bands Bios: Read them here
Bandcamp Page: See it here
Discogs Entry: See it here
Thank You: Everyone who sent their submissions + Brian John Mitchell (Silber Records),  Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) and Popical Island label.


Tree No Leaves – Dirty Traipser (from “Asorta Story”)
Finneyerkes – Erna (from “Without End”)
Harvey Girls – In the Morning (unreleased)
Guanoman – Tini Shirakashi (from “Thumbs & Consonants”)
PBK – Beyond the Boll (unreleased)
Chris Rehm – A Bicycle Composition (from split with Native America)
Rectum – Etal (unreleased)
Street Cheetah – Heroin Sunrise (from “Beach House”)
Jewy Sabatay – Troll’s Birthday (from “Jewy Sabatay”)
Pantone247 – Mosquito Bites (unreleased)
False Awakening – The Beast (unreleased)
Collapse Under The Empire – A Smell of Boiled Greens (from “Find A Place To Be Safe”)
Tigon – TeenageBlackHole (from “Seven Inch”)
Vanguard Villains – Zombie 10 (a taster for an upcoming single “Zombie Lips”)
Down I Go – King Herod The Great (from “Witness The Shitness” EP)
Drone Forest – One Minute (unreleased)
Northern Valentine – Grey Eminence (unreleased)
ENE – Silences (unreleased)
Electric Bird Noise – March Towards The East (unreleased)
Big City Orchestra – Raspberry (unreleased)
Pavonine – Ovalis (unreleased)
Scrapbooker – Fuck The Ugly (unreleased)
Jonny Fun & The Hesitations – Jennifer G. Smith (from “Carpe PM”)
Feastoffetus – Clocca Loxodonta (unreleased)
Remora – I’m Your Man (unreleased)
Funeral Club – The Boy Genius (unreleased)
Blue Sausage Infant – Krackrock (unreleased)
Jodienda – Now Old Serpent (The Shaker Song) (from “”Cold Dark Teeth: The Cave Recordings of Jodienda”)
Edits / B-Sides
Guanoman – Kaiseki (from “The Velvet Claw”)
PBK – Carcass Shake (unreleased)
False Awakening – Empty White Streets (from “So Far, So Close” EP)
Down I Go – Pterodactyl (from “This Is Dinocore”)
Dead Leaf Echo – Warm Body (from “Pale Fire”)
ENE – Stracathro Hospital (unreleased)
Dave Unger – Let It All Come Down (Edit) (from “F**k The Rolling Stones”)
Nikki Louder – Mirrors, Mirrors (Edit) (from “Alain, I’m Sorry”)
Trunks – Kniee (Edit) (from “Kniee / Journey To The Line” EP)
Remora – Dromos (Unreleased)


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