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Subtitle – A Collection of Short Songs From Friends & Devotees of I Heart Noise
Note – Edits & B-Sides section includes songs that weren’t originally 1-minute long / second submissions
Artwork by: Timothy Daniel (T.D.) Flynn (Bio + Interview / Website)
Bands Bios: Read them here
Bandcamp Page: See it here
Discogs Entry: See it here
Thank You: Everyone who sent their submissions + Brian John Mitchell (Silber Records),  Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) and Popical Island label.



Tree No Leaves – Dirty Traipser (from “Asorta Story”)
Finneyerkes – Erna (from “Without End”)
Harvey Girls – In the Morning (unreleased)
Guanoman – Tini Shirakashi (from “Thumbs & Consonants”)
PBK – Beyond the Boll (unreleased)
Chris Rehm – A Bicycle Composition (from split with Native America)
Rectum – Etal (unreleased)
Street Cheetah – Heroin Sunrise (from “Beach House”)
Jewy Sabatay – Troll’s Birthday (from “Jewy Sabatay”)
Pantone247 – Mosquito Bites (unreleased)
False Awakening – The Beast (unreleased)
Collapse Under The Empire – A Smell of Boiled Greens (from “Find A Place To Be Safe”)
Tigon – TeenageBlackHole (from “Seven Inch”)
Vanguard Villains – Zombie 10 (a taster for an upcoming single “Zombie Lips”)
Down I Go – King Herod The Great (from “Witness The Shitness” EP)
Drone Forest – One Minute (unreleased)
Northern Valentine – Grey Eminence (unreleased)
ENE – Silences (unreleased)
Electric Bird Noise – March Towards The East (unreleased)
Big City Orchestra – Raspberry (unreleased)
Pavonine – Ovalis (unreleased)
Scrapbooker – F**k The Ugly (unreleased)
Jonny Fun & The Hesitations – Jennifer G. Smith (from “Carpe PM”)
Feastoffetus – Clocca Loxodonta (unreleased)
Remora – I’m Your Man (unreleased)
Funeral Club – The Boy Genius (unreleased)
Blue Sausage Infant – Krackrock (unreleased)
Jodienda – Now Old Serpent (The Shaker Song) (from “”Cold Dark Teeth: The Cave Recordings of Jodienda”)
Edits / B-Sides
Female Demand – Shred Tactics (Edit) (from “Female Demand” EP)
Guanoman – Kaiseki (from “The Velvet Claw”)
PBK – Carcass Shake (unreleased)
Drohnwerks – Loop 8 and Burroughs (Edit) (from “Loop 8 And Burroughs” single)
Shroud Eater – Cyclone (Edit) (from 2009 Demo)
False Awakening – Empty White Streets (from “So Far, So Close” EP)
Down I Go – Pterodactyl (from “This Is Dinocore”)
Dead Leaf Echo – Warm Body (from “Pale Fire”)
ENE – Stracathro Hospital (unreleased)
Dave Unger – Let It All Come Down (Edit) (from “F**k The Rolling Stones”)
Nikki Louder – Mirrors, Mirrors (Edit) (from “Alain, I’m Sorry”)
Trunks – Kniee (Edit) (from “Kniee / Journey To The Line” EP)
Remora – Dromos (Unreleased)
Deadhorse – Questions For Which There Are No Answers (from “We Can Create Our Own World”)

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some great stuff on here! especially loving the down i go, tigon, scrapbooker and jodienda tracks!


Love the comp in particular the false awakenings track.

Bomber Music

would have been nice if you asked permission before using our songs…!

Mark Sheridan

Hey, is there any way to download the entire album at once?


is there any way to download the entire album in a zip/rar file?

Brian Morgante

so glad to be a part of this!


Thanks! Glad to be a participant on this unique project.

Brian John Mitchell

There's a little Yahoo plug-in javascript that allows folks to stream straight from the page if you put it in
Glad I was able to make it on the comp just under the wire.

Or an m3u file would be cool too & even easier!


Yes, some interesting music to listen here… at least it's something original – the universe is so big, there will be always some place for new talents and new musical styles!

Blue Sausage Infant

Great stuff! I'll be force-feeding the link to random strangers all day… Thanks for the inclusion!


thanks for asking us to be a part of this. there's tons of great stuff on here.
take care,
the harvey girls


Many thanks for putting this compilation together. I've been sending links to everyone I know and have gotten tons of thumbs up. =)

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