Dispatches from the Underground // September 29, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // September 29, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // September 29, 2021

Over at Further. > Stephen Vitiello – World Trade Center Recordings, 1999 / A conversation with sound artist Stephen Vitiello about his World Views residency in 1999 and his unique aural documents of the World Trade Center

Over at For the Rabbits > [Premiere] Gold Dust – Run Into Clouds

Over at Records I Like > The Midweek Sampler

Over at Foxy Digitalis > Mix Series #21: Summer in Space (TUSK)

Over at Night After Night > Beached. / Words about work, a beach excursion, the latest news, and recommended events for the week ahead

Over at Sound of Life > Video Exclusive: KoleżAnka Live In Oracle, Arizona / Joe Muggs talks to Kristina Moore of loose “psyche-art-pop” collective KoleżAnka, founded by and built around the songs of Kristina Moore

Over at Backseat Mafia > Track: Sarah Davachi Releases Single ‘Border Of Mind’ From Forthcoming Album ‘Antiphonals’

Read up on all things Gun Club via Toppermost / pick of 10 choice GC cuts by Pangur & The Scribe

Listen to Dennis Bovell Dub Version of ‘She Is Beyond Good & Evil’ by Pop Group / off of Y in Dub, out in October via Mute (h/t Simon Tucker)

Take a peek into things happening in October at Business Casual / new music from mulchprize, 1000 Eyes, eyeclick and more!

Up for pre-order via Dear Life Records > Bent Ring by Wendy Eisenberg

Up for pre-order via Matador > Vanishing by Circuit des Yeux

Up for pre-order > Post Mortal by The Broken Cradle (h/t Shady Ridge Records)

Listen to Subexotic Records mix for Audionautic Radio

New episode of Space is the Place Radio Show on Cando FM tomorrow! Featuring Polyhymns, Herbert Powell, Graham Dunning and more

Out today on Hotham Sound > The People’s Forest by Mount Maxwell (h/t Disruptive Rhythms)

Out today on Imploding Sounds > Yuki by Lord Cernunnos / 46 mins of hypnotic crackle noise wall from @UWarri0r


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