Dispatches from the Underground // Sept. 2023, Pt. 1
Dispatches from the Underground // Sept. 2023, Pt. 1

Dispatches from the Underground // Sept. 2023, Pt. 1

Bandcamp Friday

Petridisch – Dream T.V.

Totally Real! Records

Wilbur & Moore highlighting fellow record labels

Matt DeMello

Drew Gardner – Flowers in Space

Spiritmuse Records

Monochrome Motif

Velocity Girl – Setting the Night on Fire with Rock and Roll

Urusei Yatsura – You Are My Urusei Yatsura (BBC Sessions)

Spun Out of Control

Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) – Drones And Clones: 10 Songs, No Words (Glass Modern)

Recommendations from Record Crates United

Faex Optim  – Crystal Pleasures

Sound Effects of Death and Horror

New Music

Natalia Beylis – Mermaids (Touch Sensitive)

Robin Saville / The Leaf Library – Siphonophore / Versatile Clouds (Handstitched*)

Junkboy – Littoral States (Wayside & Woodland Recordings)

Speedy Ortiz – Rabbit Rabbit

Seawind Of Battery & ragenap – Chaos Life Preserver (Eiderdown) + Fall Batch

Jeff Tobias – Music from Milky Way Underground

Polypores – Multizonal Mindscramble (DiN)

Gold Dime – No More Blue Skies

John Fahey – Proofs & Refutations (Drag City) / For fans of weird noisy late Fahey when he lived in cheap hotels and ate from gas stations, here’s something right up your alleyAdam-Grimord Isham

AFC – Witching Hour (via Troublelight Films)

Andrew Weathers – A Cardinal With a Sign of Blood

VA – Imaginational Anthem vol. XII : I Thought I Told You – A Yorkshire Tribute to Michael Chapman (Tompkins Square)

Listening Recommendations

Meadow Argus – For the Birds

Greg Nieuwsma – In C: Flea Market (Submarine Broadcasting Co) (via wojsvenwoj)

Forest Robots – Supermoon Moonlight Part Two (Subexotic) / Today marks the 1 year anniversary of what I personally consider my best beat based album to date and on the same week as a Supermoon too. There are a few copies left if anyone missed out during initial release. 


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