Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 3
Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 3

Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 3

New Music

Maria Uzor – Soft Cuts (Castles in Space) (via Audio Obscura)

General Magic – Nein Aber ja / This was good news to wake up to. First new full-length by General Magic in 20+ years – connect_icut

Ghost in the Loop – La Chant de la Glace (Mare Nostrum) (via DJ SpaceTerrapin)

Martin Rev – The Sum of Our Wounds (Tapete) / I ordered this on LP within seconds. Martin Rev played at least 2 of my all time fave gigs – Slimelight, caused about 15 people (entire audience) to disintegrate – Cafe Oto, rammed, obnoxious, delirious. tbh every time inc with Suicide totally ruledDan Hayhurst

White Poppy – Sound of Blue / This is bloody lovely. I’m hearing Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. If that’s your thing, give it a go – Nick Wilkinson

Staraya Derevnya – blue forty-nine (Blue Tapes)

Junkboy – Litoral States (Wayside & Woodland)

Greenshank – Changeable Depths (Woodford Halse)

Wife Eyes – Regna Vita (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Complete Mountain Almanac – S/T / Been obsessed with Complete Mountain Almanac all year. It’ll be in my top ten 2023 releases, for sure. Everything about it is beautifulUnspun Heroes

Monocot – Leave to Cool (Astral Editions) / That’s Jayson Gerycz & Rosali Middleman for those playing along at home – David Menestres

Animal Ghosts – Everything / a gauzy maze of textures and vocals stretching toward the horizon – John Carpenter Catbus

phoneswithchords – phoneswithBen (Start-track)

The Bug Club – Rare Birds: Hour of Song  / You know that feeling of being a teenager and you hear a new record and it’s incredible and it’s not just incredible it’s the greatest coolest bestest thing of all time and you’re so excited that you want to play it for all of your friends? Well, this is like thatAndy Zax

Airto & Flora – A Celebration: 60 Years – Sounds, Dreams & Other Stories (BBE) / Massive, gorgeous retrospective from linchpins of Brazilian jazzJennifer Kelly

Modern Nature – No Fixed Point in Space (Bella Union) (via Dillon)

dogs vs shadows – The Urge to Remain / Already one of my favourites amongst 100s(?) – Third Kind Records

Ironic Hill – S/T

Tiger Village – The Celebration (Hausu Mountain) (via Dave Polak)

VA – Imaginational Anthem vol. XII : I Thought I Told You – A Yorkshire Tribute to Michael Chapman (Tompkins Square)

VA – Tone Science Module No​​​.​​​8 Tone Science Live (DiN Records) (via Pete Keeley MD ANT)

Listening Recommendations

Blind Idiot God – Cyclotron (Avant) / #NowPlaying In 1992, Blind Idiot God joined John Zorn’s fledgling, curated Japanese label Avant and retained Bill Laswell as producer. “Cyclotron” is a pummeling, hardcore meets spacy dub and funk-inspired album that will leave you sweating and anticipating more – Dan Kletter

Boris – Pink (Deluxe Edition) (Dwiphalanx / Southern Lord / Sargent House) / A little birra Boris with the lunch today… – odubhda

waavypanda – this is a panda part 9 – september

Boa Morte – The Total Space (via Dillon)

Bobby Lee – Endless Skyways (via Dillon)

Student Nurse – Problem Attic / STUDENT NURSE reunion album… recorded in their actual attic lol… I understand a higher-fidelity release is coming in near future?My Friends Call Me 5

VA – A Collection of Songs in the Traditional & Sean​-​N​ó​s Style (Nyahh Records) (via odubhda)


SUSS & Andrew Tuttle – “Rising” (via Raven Sings the Blues)

Track Premiere: Igor Yalivec “Petrichor” (via Foxy Digitalis)


3 new Rei Records releases on the way


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