Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 2
Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 2

Dispatches from the Underground / Oct. 2023, Pt. 2

New Music

Survey Channel – Human Imagery / Getting lost in the new one from @surveychannel.bsky.social this morning. Drones and eerie snatches of vocals make for evocative listening – A  Remote View

Onyon – Last Days on Earth (Trouble in Mind)

The Haxan Cloak – N/Y (via A Remote View)

Allister Thompson – No Reason to Cry: Songs by Grant McLennan

Hey Colossus – In Blood / Been playing well moody music all day, for no good reason (it’s been a week, though) so going to end up on my favourite recent dark af. This keeps growing – Ted Harsh

Fielded – Plus One (Backwoodz Studioz) (via Freeyourradio)

BCMC – Foreign Smokes (Drag City) / Cooper Crain and Bill McKay (via Jennifer Kelly)

Jilk – Found Little Lost (noci miste) (via sm)

Suncastle – Lightning Starts a Fire & Rain Puts it Out (Triplicate)

The Home Current – Weekend Shark (Modern Aviation) (via Rosco))))

Poppy H – Return to Virginia Stone

The Eyes and Mistoids – Frock (Waxing Crescent)

Kevin Richard Martin – Black (via Bruce Adams)

Richard Norris – ORACLE SOUND Volume One / Dub excursions – harehunterfield

Benjamin Finger – blue forty-eight (Blue Tapes)

Cassandra Miller, Laurence Crane, Linda Catlin Smith – Folks’ Music (Louth Contemporary Music Society) / Yet another recording of simply staggering beauty from Louth Contemporary Music Society: two choral pieces framing a string quartet. Do NOT miss itSteve Smith

Listening Recommendations

Avvitagalli – None Corsa (Horn of Plenty) / I connected with Pino as part of my “let’s see if I could live there” project, and happy to report that he invited me to his rehearsal spot and we had a great jam. It is becoming increasingly apparent that yes, i could live here. One of his projectsGreg N

Andrew Tuttle – Fleeting Adventure (via odubhda)

Sone Institute – A Model Life (Front & Follow) / An amazing Sone Institute album on @frontandfollow that never quite got it’s due, mostly I think because it’s quite difficult to hear exactly what they’re doing & it creeps around the uncanny valley in such a subtle way that it can’t be easily accommodated by the… – Rapid Eye Electronics

St. James Infirmary – Advaita

Rrose – Please Touch / weird ambient techno? – Moth Effect

Flexagon – PALAOA Dreams

autumna – Secret Radio (Werra Foxma) / Emile has yet to disappoint me…but I think he won’t. @avtvmna is a master of the haunted atmosphere DJ SpaceTerrapin

VA – Nuthre Remixes (Panospria)


Discography: Animal Collective: Panda Bear and Sonic Boom: Reset (Lou Reed Tyranny via Spectrum Culture)

12 Favorite Guitarists of the Modern Folk

Is Touring Even Worth It? (Keith Harris via Racket) / A half-dozen Twin Cities musicians break down the harsh economics of touring—and explain why they still hit the road anyway

The End of Audio (Max Alper via Klang Magazine)

Two Days in King Tuff’s Brattleboro, Vermont (Pat King via Bandcamp Daily)


Live set by Sulk Rooms

12 year old Irish boy Logan Kelly interview Ian from Fugazi / Minor Threat! (via Dudley Colley)

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