Dispatches from the Underground // November 2021: Vol. 2
Dispatches from the Underground // November 2021: Vol. 2

Dispatches from the Underground // November 2021: Vol. 2

New and upcoming…Albums, Singles, EPs

Repelican – Tough Light

Gabriella Isaac – Automatic Thoughts (Unsilent Desert Press) / tape+zine+digital // so much fun, exploratory sound & computer destruction (h/t Ryan Wade Ruehlen)

CREDENTIALS – Why is my arm not a lilac tree? (Orb Tapes) (h/t FTAM)

Kung Pao – #SLUDGE (Hollow Point One) (h/t T2,000,000)

Regas-McDonald – Hall of Fame Cities (Voltage Control Records) / At only six songs, Hall of Fame Cities isn’t what I’d call an easy listen. Then again, neither was their debut, 2020’s Toward Void & Vistas, which I actually enjoyed more than the new one (reminds me of Royal Trux, which is indeed a compliment) – Colin’s Review

The Home Current – A Tribute to Hip Hop / I’ve just completed a tribute to old school hip hop, which has been part of my musical fabric, since I was a teenager. It consists of 7 tracks featuring the acappellas of a few of the legendary rappers from back then – and it’s absolutely free

Amanda Chaudhary – Meow Meow Band / aka Catsynth / New musical directions from composer and keyboardist Amanda Chaudhary. Known for her many collaborations over the years, including Nubdug Ensemble, Vacuum Tree Head, Surplus 1980, Pitta of the Mind, and Reconnaissance Fly, this album showcases the electro-jazz-funk sound of Amanda’s personality (h/t Dan Kletter)

L’Eclair – Confusions (Disques Bongo Joe) / an irresistible mix of library funk, Krautrock, house rhythms, psychedelia, & more; best album yet from this Swiss septetBill Barnett

Spacelab – Dead Dimension (Hream Recordings) / For all of the post-humans and other animals, we bring you Dead Dimension

The Grease Traps – Solid Ground (Record Kicks) / psychedelic soul & deep funk from Oakland

Binaural Space – Velvet Freedom

Self Recommendations

Creep Church – Basssongs

Listening recommendations from back in the day / months prior

Gand – Construction / 7 years ago I put out Construction, the best album I’ve ever madeDaniel Bromf

Mythic Sunship – Wildfire (Tee Pee Records) (h/t Doomsayer2001)

nyxy nyx / Bad History Month — Death Takes A Holiday (Exploding in Sound) (h/t Sean Caldwell)

Gordon Ashworth – S.T.L.A. (Orindal Records) / This treads a fun line between acoustic instruments and noiseFertanish

Joshua Abrams – Represencing (Eremite Records) (h/t icastico)

Amnon Raviv – Mirror / The final of fun finds at Material World Records / A reissue of a 1983, 50-copy album from Israel that mixes field recordings with acoustic guitar, violin, flute, and sax. This one is an experimental wonderFertanish

Psychic Temple – Plays Music for Airports (Joyful Noise) (h/t Willie McAlpine)

Radio, Podcasts, Shows, Mixes

New episode of Foxy Digitalis radio on the way

Episode 043 of Tiny Red Dragons Radio is up now

New mix from Triplicate Records

Older Autumnal mix from Sonic Cathedral

New episode of Two Penny Hangover / Ft. Rachika Nayar, Matt Robidoux, @YanikSoland, Morteza Mahjubi, Electric Chairs, Ambulatorio Segreto, Faust, Baerchen und die Milchbubis, @ashtraynav, @kuunatic & Akiko Yano

New episode of Space is the Place Radio Show / Featuring artists and labels from Egypt, UK, Hungary, Italy, Colombia, France, USA, Germany, Holland, Belgium and more

Reading / Blogs

Gwenifer Raymond On The Art Of Primitive Guitar (Clash Music via Man from Atlantis)

Astral Brain- The Bewildered Mind (Shelflife) (via Dagger Zine)

Astroworld, Travis Scott, and the Deadly Pearl Jam Concert We Still Haven’t Learned From (via Daily Beast) – overground, but still worth reading

Why can’t audiences clap along properly? (via Andrulian)

Reviews: Darius Jones “Raw Demoon Alchemy (A Lone Operation) (via Foxy Digitalis) / Darius Jones’s “Raw Demoon Alchemy” on @northernspyrecs is incandescent in both technical prowess and, especially, in the powerful emotions woven throughout

Review of Discreet Music Mag 2 (via Freer Sounds) / Who reviews printed music magazines in 2021? / It seems I do!

Big pile of reviews from Adrian/Concrete Islands

Review of Mandatory Enjoyment by Dummy (via Post-Trash)

Book Recommendations

Two books by Timothy Morton > Being Ecological (suggested by Audio Obscura) and All Art is Ecological (suggested by Soundart Radio)

I Heard the Strokes Before You by Dorian Cox – coming in early 2022! (h/t Blue Tapes)

Sound Mind: How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World by Nina Kraus (h/t Disquiet)

Low stock alert!

J Hamilton Isaacs – Circumzenithal Arc (Ingrown Records) – one copy left

Music Videos

Fire! – The Hands (h/t Jamie Uhler)

The Vernons Future – Holy Joe


Three new releases from Shameless Records on the way! / Starting with NITON – Cemento, a wonderfully psychedelic masterpiece of noise and reverberation, produced in collaboration with Pulver und Asche Records

Support Dale / Smashin Transistor via Ko-Fi

Next week on CiS….

Black Truffle recommendations from cowsarejustfood!

Take a peek into new work from Shane Parish! / test pressings & CDs have finally arrived and sound fantastic- two tracks of expansive and scintillating guitar work. One side nylon and the other steel. Win win.pre-order soon (h/t Man from Atlantis / Ramble Records)

Nov. 12 is Sinkcharmer’s birthday and you can grant his wish by giving a spin to Future Ruins by Architrave!


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