Dispatches from the Underground // March 7, 2022
Dispatches from the Underground // March 7, 2022

Dispatches from the Underground // March 7, 2022

New Music

bela – Guidelines (Éditions Appærent) / holy crap this albumJasper Willems

Tom Johnson : Combinations (Quatuor Bozzini) / Like breathing in sun-kissed arctic air… – Sean Clancy

Shit and Shine – Phase Connected (Riot Season) / Noise rockers Shit and Shine are back on Riot Season with a fresh lockdown-recorded albumNorman Records

Carmen Villain – Only Love From Now On (Smalltown Supersound) / Evoking all manner of places: inner, outer, exotic, familial, earthly & celestial the new dub alluding, jazz flecked, lightly percussive, heavily ambient LP from @CarmenVillain for @supersound is her finest LP yet, & she was pretty amazing to start withThe Slow Music Movement

Somnolent – Further Devotion / good morning, i’m listening to @vulnerary_rosemae, the girl with no hands

Jacob David – Noewsind (Moderna Records) (h/t Eeem)

Soft-Bodied Humans x Swordman Kitala – Kaiju Kitala (Phantom Limb) / Soft-Bodied Humans is a producer based in London. He runs the Blue Tapes label and also creates longform acoustic drone under the name Cut A Lonely Figure. Swordman Kitala is a core feature of Kampala’s fertile underground hip hop scene with his raucous GabaGaza crew, and as a solo artist has released with PAN and Blip Discs among others. Kaiju Kitala is their first release together. 

Listening Recommendations

Nance Troller – S/T (Loren Central) (h/t DJ Laundryy)

Forest Management – Passageways (Whited Sepulchre)

Silverfish – Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal / Hips! tits! lips! power (h/t Poor Ole Stagger Lee)


Aphex Twin Peaks / Old Man Mike presents: Aphex Twin Peaks (Aphex Twin & Angelo Badalamenti).

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

lil ambient atmospheric instrumental mix by Petal Motel


Neuro… No Neuro :: Faces & Fragments (Audiobulb) (via Igloomag)

Music Videos

Lay Llamas – Circular Time / premiere via Foxy Digitalis

Talk West – Cognitive Dissonance Trance II / premiere via Raven Sings the Blues

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