Dispatches from the Underground // January 9, 2023
Dispatches from the Underground // January 9, 2023

Dispatches from the Underground // January 9, 2023

New Music

Parent Teacher – Living a Lie (Wilbur & Moore)

German Explaining Station – Winter Sketchbookreboosting this @drones_for_sale new one as its beautiful and as always he pushes me to record cleaner guitar. so perfectcinchel

Marine Eyes / IKSRE – Nurture (Past Inside the Present)

Wolf Eyes – Difficult Messages (Disciples) / new LP compiling Wolf Eyes tracks taken from 45s, ‘Difficult Messages’ features Nate Young, John Olson, Alex Moskos, Gretchen Gonzales, Aaron Dilloway and Raven ChaconBear Tree Records

VA – From the Valley, Vol. 5 (Valley View) (h/t Crows Labyrinth)

Streamweaver – Firesongs (Aural Canyon) (h/t Record Crates United)

Listening Recommendations

there are no birds here – Hume (h/t black ops)

Tara Jane O’Neil – S/T (h/t odubhda)

CLAIR – Body Blossom – Revelations / For fans of oddball modern classical blended with field recordings, modular synth and tape looping

Simon McCorry – Scenes from the Sixth Floor (Shimmering Moods) / Three cups from three tracks

Music Videos

Sophie Jamieson – Violence – from new album Choosing, out on Bella Union

En Atendant Ana – Same Old Story / Parisian quintet @enattendantana have shared a second single from new album Principia, out 24th Feb on @trouble_in_mind – FFO Electrelane, Stereolab & Laetitia Sadier, Cate Le Bon – One Beat PR


Best of 2022: Electronic (via AnEarful)

Zine Scene: Werra Foxma (via Velocity Press)

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