Dispatches from the Underground // Weekend Grab Bag #3 – Jan. 2023
Dispatches from the Underground // Weekend Grab Bag #3 – Jan. 2023

Dispatches from the Underground // Weekend Grab Bag #3 – Jan. 2023

New Music

Franciska – Tryghed (Discreet Music) / Getting to know this latest one from Discreet. Perfect frosty Sunday morning music!William Macbeth

Rupert Lally – Hacker (Spun Out of Control) (via Will McAlpine)

Drum & Lace – Frost EP (via Feminatronic)

Jake Acosta – Genius or Not (Blorpus Editions) / happy birthday to the king Jake @slowbowl / i luv this man. it’s a good day to check out his new album Genius or Not on Blorpus Editions if you haven’t already, maybe even buy itGood Willsmith

Silver Biplanes – Searching for Your Name (wiaiwya) (h/t chickfactor)

Bonfire Hill  – A Year on Bonfire Hill / If you want to support my art, and listen to 12 minutes of music from the avant garden – please go buy this!Rebecca Denniff

Reverse Death – Stretching to Infinity (Half Shell) / Ffo Bitchin Bajas, Dummy, Laraaji, John Fahey and DeerhunterJoe Trainor

Listening Recommendations

Alison Cotton – The Portrait You Painted of Me (Rocket Recordings) (via DeSelbysGoldenHours)

Correlations – Zodiac Rising (Castles in Space) / Nice double arrived in the post from @CastlesInSpace. That’s my listening sorted after I watch Barrow AFC beat Salford (hopefully)Space is the Place

Iris – Live in Valdo Hills / Here’s my son’s pals’ band, @Iris_MegaBoogie, with a live e.p. of their funk-soul-psych stew. Akira Thiara is such a good guitaristNigel Spencer

Loula Yorke – Youl (via Foxy Digitalis)

Jim O’Rourke / Giovanni Di Domenico – Immanent in Nervous Activity (Die Schachtel) / You’ve got to love Jim O’Rourke! No, I’m serious. You’ve GOT to love Jim O’Rourke!! – William Macbeth

tarotplane – Horizontology (12th Isle) / A side owes a lot to bands like Disco Inferno & Seefeel / B side is super Kosmiche excursions 

Steve Reich – Runner III: Quarters (Nonesuch) / What a tuneAndrew Spackman

D1G – Drawing / I love this from @D1g_TonyArkell so much. Absolute perfection. So fragile and yet driven with an unstoppable cosmic pulseFieldLinesCartographer

Irving Joseph – Murder Inc / A bit more obscure, but awesome and recommended! – JoJo Six Fo

Prolapse – Pointless Walks to Dismal Places (Cherry Red) / Perfect recordJumsDentures

Gastr del Sol – Camoufleur / Listening to this classic. Still sounds fresh. Blew my mind when I first heard it twenty years ago or soNicklas Sorensen

VA – Elvis (Penultimate Press) / bless german illegal streaming fines for birthing the most demented lineup ive ever seen on a compilationlittle linked lambs of awareness

Music Videos

Smote – Hlaf (via Rocket Recordings)

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

Pye Corner Audio / Ela Orleans Playlist by Silent Snake Gang


Ant Law & Alex Hitchcock Quartet (via William Macbeth / More Nights Out)

Picks by Geoff Wilt

upward eyes – Ian Hawgood (EP, 2022/2023) (via Chris Doherty-Ingram)

Review: Beauty Pill – Blue Period (via Slugmag)


New Twopenny Hangover show tonight!

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