Dispatches from the Underground // January 18, 2023
Dispatches from the Underground // January 18, 2023

Dispatches from the Underground // January 18, 2023

New Music

The Royal Arctic Institute – From Coma to Catharsis (Already Dead) / Don’t sleep on this one! Oh and also come see our show at Heaven Can Wait on 2/16 – Seawind of Battery

Davide Cedolin – Ligurian Pastoral (Island House Recordings)

Benoît Pioulard – Halve (Morr Music) / Very pleased to announce the first single from my new vocal album “Eidetic” (out 3/3 on @morrmusic) — hope you’ll have a listen and consider a pre-order of the beautiful physical edition arranged by  @dogpasta…as always mastered by @blackknoll

Listening Recommendations

Santa Sprees – Lets Not Go Back to Normal

Labrador – Hold the Door for Strangers / Currently loving Hold the Door for Strangers by @Labrador_tunes – fuzzy twangtastic alt/country, reminiscent of – but not in thrall to – my past faves – Giant Sand, Green on Red, Steve Wynn, Blue Mountain. Some Alex Chilton soulfulness too. Seek it out! – Nigel Spencer

Porcupine Tree – Stop Swimming (h/t Red Van on the Run)

Sun Araw – Deep Temple / I know I’m a broken record, but nothing hits like early Sun ArawWarm Visions

Milky Wimpshake – You’re Shaken, I’m Stirred / Revisiting compilations I put out in 1995. Still dig thisFoxy Digitalis

The Human Fly – A Bottle of Milk in the Eye / this record was egregiously overlooked!!hea(ther) jones

Talkdemonic – Shallow Doldrums / You know what band from that era never seems to get mentioned? TalkdemonicJeff Nale

Music Videos

Heartworms – Retributions of an Awful Life (h/t Barry Fry)

Radio, Mixes, Podcasts

The Japanese/American Noise Treaty (with Mason Jones) (via noiseextra) / Great episode, heard a bunch of these groups for the first time off the back of this CD when I heard it in the late 90sdsic


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