Dispatches from the Underground // Dec. 2023, Pt. 1
Dispatches from the Underground // Dec. 2023, Pt. 1

Dispatches from the Underground // Dec. 2023, Pt. 1

New Music

Alpacas Collective – Big Words / Enjoying the latest album from Alpacas Collective. Sort of psych-jazz. Anyway, it’s aceUnspun Heroes

Dogs Versus Shadows – Non Linear Control Freak (via Third Kind)

Life Patterns – Kill Process

VA – Measure, Pour & Mixtape: Music for Cooking (SPINSTER)

Listening Recommendations

Bill Orcutt – The Anxiety of Symmetry (Fake Estates) / Could be one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard all year, let this melt time – Liminal space enjoyer

Yazz Ahmed – Polyhymnia (Ropeadope) / lovely music, ‘psychedelic Arabic jazz’ no less – Fraser H

Merzbow / Carlos Giffoni / Jim O’Rourke – Electric Dress (No Fun Productions) / Unearthed this sacred relic from the basement cache  – “Lou”ReedTyranny

Tiny Hairs – Coldless (False Walls) / thinking about long gone Chicago post-rock band Tiny Hairs.. they didn’t get much outside of town, but for a chunk of the 00s where they were everywhere here. some of the most beautifully subtle interactions between acoustic instruments & electronics I’ve heard – JS

VA – You Better Mind: Southeastern Songs to Stop Cop City (via David Menestres)


Check 2023 Hidden Bay catalog

Music video for Shopping Bags by Sky Furrows – directed by Jeff Economy


From Unicorns to Zombies: Tech Start-Ups Run Out of Time and Money

Everything you know about the podcast industry is a lie


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