Dispatches from the Underground // August 28, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // August 28, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // August 28, 2021

Brand new show from Space is the Place! Featuring Z Tapes, Castles in Space, Crafted Sounds and more

Little peek into early 2022 – we’re talking new collaborations between zake and City of Dawn (h/t Past Inside the Present)

Over at Quietus > Teen Beat: Miki Berenyi’s Favourite Albums

Over at Foxy Digitalis > Mix #15: Future Museums / featuring Tuluum Shimmering, One Million Eyes, K. Leimer and more

Over at The Haunted Generation > Sebastian Counts, ToiToiToi, Vaganten and Ghost Box Records

Tonight! New episode of A Duck In A Tree, music show hosted by Zoviet France / featuring Peter Wullen, Kate Carr, David Lee Myers and more

Reminder to check out Geocentrics by Pharagonesia / like Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ meets space music and 90’s ambient house

Watch the The Kubrick influenced video to the debut Holy Road single Coming Up For Air /  an attempt at capturing the real horror we have all just gone through the last 12 mths (h/t Dan Salter)

And more music videos…this one from back in the day > numun – Tranquility Base (h/t wiaiwya)

Weekend sale by Keeled Scales! Mystery LPs, one for $7, two for $12 / $5 off Keeled Scales shirts /
$3 off Keeled Scales diner mugs / Our hearts — for free

Only 3 (!) tape copies of Salvatore Mercatante / Veins Full of Static split left in Waxing Crescent Records vault (h/t Rick Flynn)


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