Dispatches from the Undeground // August 2023, Pt. 1
Dispatches from the Undeground // August 2023, Pt. 1

Dispatches from the Undeground // August 2023, Pt. 1

New Music

Kendraplex – Money for Cigarettes & Coffee

Daniel Villarreal – Sunset Cliffs (Intl Anthem) / Guess what….. @intlanthem have done it again.Daniel Villarreal, @jeffparkersound & @annabutterss might have something special on theirs hands. The first single ‘Sunset Cliffs’ from the new album ‘Lados B’ is 🔥🔥🔥My copy is already orderedDillon

Goat – Medicine (Rocket Recordings)

Twilight Sequence – Outline of Nature (Castles in Space)

Edsel Axle – Variable Happiness (Worried Songs) / incredible solo electric guitar excursions from @rosalimusic

Eduardo Manso – Cumulonimbus (QTV Selo) / Check this! More magic sonics from Braaaazil! – HiveMarc

Meadow Argus – For The Birds / It exists in the usual Meadow Argus universe of hazy loopy droney warmth, built around organ drones, field recordings/collected sounds, and tape loops/tape manipulation

Remora – Built to Destroy / Aggressive ambient guitar drone, an endless wave of annihilation. Drone on and spread the word!

Jantra – Synthesized Sudan: Astro​-​Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga Underground (Ostinato Records) / Jantra improvises w/synth and drum machines for hours at a time. This mesmerizing release molds digestible four/five-min tracks out of isolated figures; an hour-long Teo Macero assemblage would have been phenomenal – Pat Padua

VA – Prairie Biscuits (Torn & Frayed) / the inaugural ‘legit’ release from Torn and Frayed is out now on cassette and digital. 14 covers of lesser known 60s/70s country rock and folk by some of your favourite heads!

Listening Recommendations

Heligoland – Shift These Thoughts / Happy 20th anniversary for the debut album of my band @heligoland🥳 Oh, how time flies! – Karen Vogt

Stereolab – Margerine Eclipse (via David James)

Gong Gong Gong 工工工 – Phantom Rhythm 幽​靈​節​奏 (​幽​霊​リ​ズ​ム​) / One of my favorite albums from 2019, I highly recommend this. Just listened again and it still rocks – Island House

70 Gwen Party John Peel 26th May 1992 (via Sean Walters)


William Friedkin created unforgettable horror and pleasure with equal brilliance (Guardian via Dillon)


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