Compilations from September 2020: Pt. 3
Compilations from September 2020: Pt. 3

Compilations from September 2020: Pt. 3

Talking about compilations that came out this September – one more time! See part 1 of the roundup here and part 2 of the roundup here.


Room for You (Funnybone Records)

An annex of last year’s “House Sounds” compilation, this year’s “Room for You” features 24 tracks by artists on and outside of the Funnybone roster. We’re humbled to feature the debut of new projects, rare collaborations, unearthed gems, current releases, top-of-your-lungs anthems… and then some.

This project is an outcome to Funnybone’s ongoing objective of creating spaces for artists to share their headroom in times of isolation and vulnerability, empowerment and pursuit of change. Spaces to confront and communicate difficult, honest feelings in hopes of better understanding ourselves and each other. Spaces for necessary escapism and unapologetic catharsis. Spaces to feel together, even when we’re apart.

featuring Mal Devisa, Lady Lamb, Comet Pond and more.

via CT Verses

What Is This That Stands Before Me? (Sacred Bones)

PARANOID turns 50 this Friday. Our Black Sabbath covers comp comes out on 2xLP this Friday. That was not a coincidence. Generals, gather in your masses.

Here you’ll find Sabbath through the filter of the post-Soviet darkwave of Molchat Doma, the experimental folk of Hilary Woods, the laid-back psych of Moon Duo, and a half dozen more genres besides. Satan’s coming ’round the bend.

Black Hole Time Warp (Black Hole Time Warp)

The (de)construction of rhythm and sound in the open electronics of the first album release on Black Hole Time Warp.

From the pulsing sound of Vitor Joaquim to the hypnotic dance of Mouco, Producers and Delafex; the vortice in ocp, Ghent or ⌘; the broken blocks and fragments of Discmen, Ondness and Isaque Andrade to the visceral to the bone approach of bloc: all connected on a love for rhythm, sound and the poetics in electronic music.

Dirt (Redux) (Magnetic Eye Records)

Magnetic Eye Records and label friends and partners take on the seminal AIC album DIRT in full on the 4th installment of our Redux series.

featuring Thou, Khemmis, Forming the Void, -16- and more.

via Inhale the Heavy

Quarantimes Vol 2 (Learning Curve Records)

Quarantimes Vol. 2 is out today. A benefit for @dosomething (great cause!) it is a great comp. Songs by us (new), Naw, USA Nails, The Tunnel, Chat Pile, Salvation, Lung and lots more. A worthy edition to your #BandcampFriday purchases. @lcrmpls

Please support your local music scene. It is in a low place now, but it will return bigger, stronger, and better. Also, it’s always funny to us to have things spelled wrong or differently. lol

via Conan Neutron

20×20^ (Hïdrō Recordingsº)


^The inherent notion was always to create something collectively material outside of space and time within the isolating immaterial confines of space and time.

This process-conscious collaborative compilation in the year 2020CE results in a DIY home-crafted double CD-R mailed to each contributor.

featuring Belial Pelegrim, Sidekick Wave, Anatomy of the Heads and more.

via Flying Pajamas



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