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Boo Hiss [Sike Jaz album trailer, video for lead track f/ ragenap]  


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27/01/2022 5:57 pm  

Hello! Excited to share the first video and album trailer for the new Boo Hiss album SIKE JAZ, out 2/4 on Deathbomb Arc (cassette + digital). 

The follow up with Boo Hiss' debut 'Sike Roc' doesn't simply go deeper down the rabbit hole, it finds holes side channels and hidden caverns to explore. Continuing Todd Drootin's (aka Books on Tape) methodology of fighting instinct in order to create beyond the limitations of bias, Boo Hiss sounds at once alien and familiar - a result of both chance and the subconscious - tempered by decades of skill and experience to keep everything in place. True explorers of digital realms, be ready.


"Dirty Hypno" (featuring ragenap) music video here: youtu.be/YNx-7c-UpQ0


Will drop a couple of codes here around release day!

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