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Street Sounds from Dar es Salaam  

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For the last ten years we have been entertaining audiences on the streets of Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam. Melding rhythms from the ‘traditional’ styles of vanga and chakacha, with distorted keyboards and lyrics delivered almost as raps, the Mchiriku style of Jamaica is unique to Dar es Salaam. Made up of a singer, drums, chair, maracas and Casio keyboard player, we regularly play on the streets of Dar es Salaam. Renowned for setting up a string of horn speakers spread down the street, amplifying our sound across the neighbourhood we are street performers. As the horn speakers amplify the high pitched Casio keyboard, and singers voice the sound distorts, creating a distinctive sonic landscape. Created with a make-do DIY aesthetic, the band have repurposed chairs, casio keyboards and the speakers usually used for the morning call to prayer to spread their sound.

Our debut EP includes a remix by Troeld B Knudsen - a new creative venture from the renowned music producer and sound design artist also known as Ctrls, 2400 Operator and Pyro. Exploring Troels B-Knudsen's passion for the original, playful and instinctive nature of sound, this release draws on Troels' over two decades of experience producing and performing music from techno, drum and bass and grime.

Check out the EP here:



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@jumanne Thanks for sharing!


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