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Sour Orange Records' Spring and Summer Releases  

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Hello there! Sour Orange Records has been busy releasing weird stuff these past couple of months.


To start, here's It's Fantastic by Ergo Phizmiz (of Ergo Phizmiz fame) and Ooey (the one writing this.) We got together to make a split that remixes Aqua's "Barbie Girl" into strange new shapes. Ergo's cut is more like a dance party, while my version is the hangover that follows.


Next, we released Le Rêve Revisité by Petridisch of Boston, MA. This is an album that's a remix of a prior album of theirs, but Le Rêve Revisité is such a transformation that it isn't necessary to hear the original album first (though you should.) These are cartoony electro tracks full of vocaloids and whimsical sonics. Occasionally reminds me of the OST for Paprika.


Early the following month, we released I'm a little bee by The Blank Holidays of Belgium. This is a lo-fi folk album with unexpected electronic elements, like occasionally using a text to speech program for vocals, or a squelchy synth suddenly rising to the top of the mix. The guitar's obvious lo-fi recording is made even more aqueous and soupy with post processing, lending the whole album a sort of otherworldly feel. This one reminded me of early albums by The Antlers and The Microphones.


The rest of May and early June was taken up by two releases for Poznan's Adam Majdecki-Janicki. First up was the single for Loudlove, featuring a remix by Ooey that lends the track a darker tone. This led to the release of Sundowner, a direct follow-up to an album that Adam released on Sour Orange Records late last year, Hall of the Menthol Chill. This is a rock album with dashes of sci-fi thrown in for flavor, and continues the story of the first album.


And finally, released just today, we have Regression As Metamorphosis by Rachis Bogart of Portland, Maine. This album is a celebration of outsider music, created by an outsider. Regression As Metamorphosis chronicles a journey down the haunted east coast, from Maine to Florida. Clarence Carter's "Patches" has been turned into "Patches the Skunk Ape" and given unprecedented levels of dread as the song is twisted into a bloody tale of Bigfoot, from the creature's perspective. "Betty and Barney Eat Mushrooms" was inspired by the alien abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill of Massachusetts. There's even a cover of Daniel Johnston's "Devil Town." Many genres are represented, but they have been rendered in ways that defy easy categorization.


That's all for now, but there's plenty more on the way, like Ooey's sophmore album Ooh Oui, and a CD release of Suko Pyramid's excellent Human Calzones.



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