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Ourobonic Plague - MATTE BLACK AXE  


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08/01/2022 1:34 am  





I'm Ourobonic Plague - an Australian producer of darker electronic music. 

I started messing around with this stuff in 2007 and have played gigs with Andy Stott, Barn Owl, and all sorts of artists in between.

On January 8th, 2022, I'm releasing a new song that means a lot to me, that I think you might like.


MATTE BLACK AXE marks a bit of a change from my recent output, but has clear references to the past. Slow and deliberate, yet concise, the track draws in and manipulates elements of hiphop, glitch, drone and other tones and tropes of electronic music. As such, conflict is present, along with the will to cut through static, and to break cycles.


Taken from a forthcoming album, MATTE BLACK AXE has its own narrative but will eventually be revealed as part of a larger story.


I don't have any download codes but if you'd like a "promo copy" please feel free to get in touch.



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