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m e m o r y p o l l u t i o n – s u p e r n o s t a l g i a_v a p o r_l i g h t (new ambient vaporwave release)  

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m e m o r y p o l l u t i o n


s u p e r n o s t a l g i a_v a p o r_l i g h t

A new release available on tvvin_pinez_m4ll's Bogus Collective Bandcamp – it's free/pay what you feel


"Genre wise this is very difficult music to put your finger on. Melodically it’s not very abstract at all but it’s placed in a very space oriented sound effect setting. The central theme is a moving piano hook with cinematic flare. It’s a really great hook. The kind you can hang your hat on. The middle and shorter piece is more traditionally ambient but also centered around a powerful melodic structure.

"There’s no gimmicks or tricks for this one. It’s just fantastic music composition fully realized. Beautiful and sad. It feels like another requiem for everything. It’s instrumental but it seems to be saying that it knows what’s going on and it’s sorry there’s no way to comfort us any longer."



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