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Bricolage by Heavy Cloud Collective – to raise money for MIND  

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Hello. Next Sunday 10 October is World Mental Health Day. Experiencing mental health issues is something that can affect everyone of us in some shape or form, at any time, in our lives.

To try to raise a few pennies to donate to the charity MIND, I have just released 'Bricolage' as the Heavy Cloud Collective – where any and all money raised will be donated to www.mind.org.uk


The loose aim of Bricolage was to put together a collection of short tracks that were all around about a minute or so in length across styles and genres – it's a pretty fun and wild ride, taking in ambient, electronica, acid and jungle, breakbeats, field recordings, collage, country and more.

It's 30 tracks in 35 minutes (plus a bonus continuous mix of the whole thing).

Any support or shares will be most appreciated.

Many thanks.


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