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Bornwithhair: When the Witches Fall – 08 Oct on Trepanation Recordings – Promo // Albums, Singles, EPs, Compilations – Ripping Off Brian Eno Since 2008
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Bornwithhair: When the Witches Fall - 08 Oct on Trepanation Recordings  


Weirding Batweilder
 Weirding Batweilder
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21/07/2021 6:50 pm  



JF and I have just started streaming the first song off of our upcoming album.



Here's a snippet of description from No Clean Singing:

"The overture sounds like a space odyssey, or perhaps the parting of an interdimensional veil, and what comes through is a sorcerous amalgam of pungent beats and swirling, apparitional sounds, with a collage of wailing and savagely growling and howling voices. The music seems to dance and levitate, and it becomes disorienting and delightful, but also very creepy. Both the singing and the guitars seem to quiver and squirm within this sonic hallucination, and the song as a whole manages to be both bizarre and intoxicating."


The first batch of 25 limited edition cassettes will each come packaged with a hand-written cipher. All 25 ciphers combine to produce a message. What the message says... well, maybe we find out and maybe we don't.

-- Weirding

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