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billion o'clock - New album (UK experimental hip-hop)

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I'm really proud to introduce you to our last release before the label's holiday.

First LP by dystopian hip-hop collective billion o'clock.

You can listen to it here, maybe grab a tape or just download it for free :



Here is the copy-pasted presskit :


Billion o'clock is a mysterious and ever-expanding constellation of producers, vocalists and makers of sound based in the UK.

Their meticulously crafted yet raw collision of dextrous rap, synth-heavy electronica and crushing slabs of noise has been making them friends and fans internationally for a number of years.

One chance online meeting in 2019 quickly led to Solium Records releasing the live mixtape 'NYFK' on surplus cassette stock... Two years (and a moderate-sized apocalypse) later, billion o'clock return to Solium with their debut album.
'The Grief Whole' is a densely layered, defiantly unique noise rap opus packed with beauty, rage, heartbreak and the occasional shot of dark humour. 
It expands their aesthetic palette in some surprising new directions to absorb dreamy guitars and atonal strings... even a massively abstracted riff on vintage pop. One thing that's clear is the collective's resistance to either mainstream classification or subgeneric pigeonholes.

In a sublime marriage of medium and content 'The Grief Whole' exists as a conceptual Möbius (tape) loop, with no officially fixed beginning or end point. The two sides are marked only with esoteric mathematical symbols that give no indication of hierarchical order, inviting the listener to choose their own starting point or simply submit to serendipity as they insert the cassette.

Wayne Mitchelson's ornate artwork melds gothic draftsmanship and digitally depicted glitch creatures in an apocalyptic cityscape; drawing the listener further into the billion cinematic universe - a beautiful dystopia rife with obscure imagery and enigmatic lore.

With no blueprint to guide them but the noise in their heads and no sensei to follow but a row of zeroes, billion o'clock invite you to dive into the sonic abyss.

It is, to quote Zeropence on (one possible) opening track Law of Fives : 'deeper than this'

'The Grief Whole' is available from June 28th on limited edition cassette and download via Soilum Records.


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