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James Britt AKA Neurogami  

James Britt
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Hi. I'm James (not *Jim* as too many people seem to want to call me).  I release music as James Britt as well as Neurogami.

The original idea was I would release vocal songs and more personal stuff under my real name, and dance-y mutant-disco stuff as Neurogami.  But in the end I'm finding it simpler to just release new stuff under my actual name.  If nothing else it's easier to explain to people.

I spent 15+ years as a  software dev, but now I write code to aid my music.  I've assorted Renoise (my preferred DAW) tools to help me (and maybe you!) along:

I've also been assembling some custom MIDI/OSC controllers using Teensy boards.  Current project is a USB footswitch to send CC messages to a Ruby program that in turn controls other stuff.  For example (the thing that motivated me),  send OSC commands to a Renoise track that is using my OSC Jumper tool to set/change pattern loops, as a way to help with live performing.

BTW I wrote an eBook about OSC (Open Sound Control).

Back in the late '70s I played in a band which, at the time, I thought of as punk rock, but nowadays it's more likely to fall under post-punk.  I lived the  NYC '70s & '80s music scene and it has influenced much of what I do today.

My stuff is, as one might expect, on Bandcamp:

(Fun fact: I joined BC early enough that they grandfathered me in to their custom domain thing for Neurogami.)


Big thanks to the IHN team for all they do to promote new and interesting music.

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David Breather
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 David Breather
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Hi @james-britt.. I'm David. You can call me Dave but Dave Breather does not have the same ring as David Breather. I also go by Interbella. I'm a Test Subject, a Famous Breather, and I'm a Taurus.

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Great job, James!


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