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Hi there I am about this product from Texas from Texas and I just released my new album "Technoise" on Bandcamp and Spotify. 

For fans of late period Merzbow and Whitehouse/Russell Hasswell/Mego Records/Pita/Older Raw Daft Punk/with a touch of industrial music.


About This Product has appeared in: Wire Tapper compilation, Wire magazine, Xlr8r, Grooves, OO2Houston, The Texas Observer, Free Press Houston, Defunkt magazine etc...

About This Product has opened or toured with: Mogwai, Lightning Bolt, Torche, Trial of the dead, Richard Devine, Dat Politics, Phthalocyanine, Kid606 etc...

About This Produced has released music on Phthalo, Tigerbeat6 and V/vm test records.

Spotify: About This Product - Technoise (It has a red cover)

Bandcamp: https://aboutthisproduct.bandcamp.com/album/technoise

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aboutthisproduct



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