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Greetings all  

Gary Rees
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Hey there iheartnoise! Dropping a quick intro here to say hello. I'm an electronic musician just getting around online. My music is melodic/cinematic electronica with a bit of jazz here & some odd meters there, set to dubstep/hip-hop beats. I've self-published three albums on BandCamp and distributed tracks to Spotify and the usual outlets.

As background, I was 22 in 1987 when I bought a Roland D-50 synthesizer that I had no earthly idea what to do with. I spent about 6 years learning, writing, playing keys in a couple bands.  190 tracks later I stopped writing altogether, in 2003. Before streaming services.  Before social media.

I started back up again in 2019, posting new material on SoundCloud.  I've put 90 new tracks online, including two dozen collabs, half a dozen covers and a 6-part recital of Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl over original music. At the moment I'm finishing up 20 new unreleased tracks to publish with a label in late spring.  Finalizing mixes now.

I'm really looking forward to checking out everyone's music and releases! And kudos to Ilya and crew on this great site.

Cheers…  Gary Rees aka Gary Rees

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ELG Publishing
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@garyrees That's some cool stuff gary!  really dug furtive hubris and misty eyed

Ilya S.
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