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Lots of old moniker...
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Lots of old monikers!

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Here's my timeline:

Absolute Losers: Recordings done with my cousin in high school circa 1989 and 1993. Mostly lost, but the song Cauliflower Love came from that and appears on the first Sinkcharmer record.

Psquelch: Binghamton based time-signature shoegaze circa 1993

Alger Hiss: self-released tapes from 1994-1995. Some recycled as Sinkcharmer.

Sinkcharmer: 1996-Present. Named after a misread License plate that probably meant snakecharmer.  This runs the gamut from twee-ish lo-fi indie pop to the sort of industrial sounding thing it's been lately. 

the Operators: 1999-2004 (with biannual reunions) I miss playing with them. This band was fun and I love them dearly. We still play those songs once every few years and I always look forward to it.

Albumen: 2005-2008. We had 2 records (I'll post the other one to bandcamp soon, but it's findable on the evil streaming services). This band had a lot of potential, but folks moved away. Still proud of this stuff.

Mount Mole: 2008-Present. Weird Sinkcharmer. Maybe interchangeable with Sinkcharmer as a name. 

Beaked Whale: 2012-2014. Another good one cut short. This one ended with one of the members more or less quitting music and forbidding me from releasing the record. Since this will likely never get back to him (and if it does, hi Ken), here's a full record that we finished. There were other great songs in the works for a 2nd record too that will likely never see light. 

Haley Moley: 2014-Present. Always fun to play in this band. First band I've been in where I can lay back some. I get to play less. Also, I'm not one of the main songwriters in this. I'm more of a contributor. My wife Jennifer, is one of the driving forces in this band.

Architrave: 2019-Present. Jennifer also helms the lead in this, but it's just the two of us. This took the recent Sinkcharmer live concept and became a vehicle for all of the songs Jen was writing that we just couldn't get to in Haley Moley. This project has been great during Covid because we already live in the same house. New album in the works. 



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I heard about Architrave through Cat Temper! Didn't realize its your band. 


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