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[Sticky] Material for Review - Sept. 2021  

Ilya S.
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Do you like posting reviews on Twitter? Sure you do...the only issue is that those disappear rather quickly from the Twitterverse. 

So how about this - we're giving you a list of 10-20 albums for review. Then, once most of the reviews are done, we're going to collect them and do a post on the front page. 

You're free to do short/Twitter-style ones as well as longform. You're also free to add suggestions to the list (via add reply button at the end) -  anything from the current year goes! 

So without further ado....


Uncle Fido - Tipentap Pleasantly Terrified

Sulk Rooms - Overheard Conversations // suggested by Rick Flynn

Forest Robots - Horst & Graben (Elm Records) 

Nataliya Beylis - Pink Sky Dawn (Early Music) // suggested by Greg N. 

Robert Halcrow - S/T (Sticky Frog Records) 

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james Dillon
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 james Dillon
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