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Material for Review - Jan. 2021  

Ilya S.
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Octopus Project - Inclinations

NTSC地域ロック - My Dust to Where Some Flowers Grow (Wave Racers Collective)

The Home Current and Peter Wix - Unfortunes (Subexotic Records) 

Alteri - Trauma (Sengaja Records / Holy Goat Records) 

Sad Man - Music of Dreams and Panic (Wormhole World) 

Xqui - Ambients (Wormhole World) 

Armageddon Speaking - Make Believe

Wolfgang Merx / Gateless Gate - Crowd Music (Bad Bat Records) 

Insides - Soft Bonds (Further Distractions)

Bendu - Sagittarius (Werra Foxma) 

Body in the Thames - Public Domain 3D Terrain (Disintegration State) 

Chris Brokaw - Puritan (12XU) 

Ade Hodges - Lemon Bloody Buffalo (TQN-Aut)

Polypores - Chaos Blooms (Polytechnic Youth) 

Survey Channel - Holotype Skybox (Self Released) 

Kieran Mahon - Eternal Return (Castles in Space)

Lamplighter - Ashlar Ghosts (High Focus)

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Belfast band Electric Octopus have been quietly dropping loonnng albums full of red hot jams for a few years now & they just released a new one, Inclinations.

If they were in America, they'd be making all the jamband fans lose their minds while playing 6hr long festival sets that end after dawn. All instrumental, all improvisation, all fun. They make a lot of noise for 3 people & years of playing together has given them that almost psychic connection that every band doesn't have, which helps with changes of direction in the songs.

If this album gets you interested & you need some guidance on were to go next, check out the nearly 4hour long 2017 album Driving Under the Influence of Jams. most,if not all, of their albums are "name your price" so ENJOY!


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