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[Sticky] Material for Review - December 2020  

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Ilya S.
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Challenge - write a review in 140 characters or less about a release (or even releases) listed below

Since all rules are made to be broken, any reviews above 140 characters are accepted as well - as are reviews of releases not mentioned on the list

Mute City - Wooden Sword (Wrong Whole Archival Bureau / Claw Solutions) - review via Electric Djinn

Middle Blue - Weird Funk in Small Bars (Rope a Dope) - review via James Dillon

Nicholas Burgess - Electric Brain Electric Silence (Self Released) 

embryoroom - Ravaged by the Sun (American Cannibalism) (Self Released) 

Aaron Larget-Caplan - Nights Transfigured, vol. 2 of the New Lullaby Project (Self Released) - review via Dr. Doozer

Guiding Light - Weird Pains (Self Released) - Jason (Hopewell/Mercury Rev) + Chuck Davis taking on Nirvana/Leonard Cohen + their own original compositions - haiku by Ben Malkin (Solilians)

Christine Ott - Chimères (pour ondes Martenot) (NAHAL Recordings) 

The Scissor Girls - S/T (Self Released) - reissue of 1992 demo

Anura - Deluge(Already Dead Tapes)

Salvatore Mercatante - The Foundations of Eternal Sin (Castles in Space)

Nick Minieri - Threshold EP (Self Released) 

Plan Pony - Martyr (Self Released) 

Eli Winter - The Time to Come (Worried Songs) 

Odd Nosdam - Wasted on a Waterbed (Self Released) - review via Sinkcharmer

The Academy of Sun - The Quiet Earth (Self Released) 

John Kolodij - First Fire-At Dawn (Astral Spirits) 

Happy Dagger - Nowhere (Day to Day Records) - review via Genetic Effects

Thor & Friends - 4 (Joyful Noise) - Thor Harris (ex-Swans/Xiu Xiu and some really awesome friends! // review via Sour Orange Records

The Central Office of Information - Treedom (Woodford Halse)

Ulver - Flowers of Evil (House of Mythology)

Dis Fig x Dreamcrusher - Chrysalis (Issue Project Room) 

Mount Mole - Flee Marker (Self Released) - alter ego of Sinkcharmer // review via Frogkingart

Obnox - Savage Raygun (Ever/Never) 

Rupert Lally - Where the Dark Speaks (Spun Out of Control)

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Anura -- Deluge

I watch the sunset under a comfortably warm blanket, prepare for a good relaxing think, and so I play this album. Mellow California vibe, where I am reminded of the wide reverb and spaciousness of Beck's Morning Phase, with hints of Sigur Ros in vocal elements.

Simple compositions that serve the whole of the sound. Would recommend.

james Dillon
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 james Dillon
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Middle Blue - Weird Funk in Small Bars

This is a 7 piece band who released their first album 'Love Chords' in 2018. It was a mix of Jazz, soul, funk and everything in between. With musicians like Dave Sewelson, Brad Farberman and Mike Clark in the band, the only result is a great freeform album. 

This is the first live album from this band(recorded just before the first Pandemic Lockdown) and when i say live, you can here conversation during the tracks. 

But don't let that put you of. Starting with the first track 'Ben Goldberg's Sound of Greenpoint (featuring Ben Goldberg)', which has great drum/bass/guitar groove with Ben Goldberg's clarinetist dipping in and out. This really is a cracking live album.

This album is dedicated to John Ortiz and Troost and you can really hear that is the last track 'Thank You, Mike Clark (featuring Mike Clark)'.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

This album came out 6th November and you can get it on their Bandcamp page.


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Odd Nosdam - Wasted on a Waterbed (Self Released) - Your severely stoned neighbor thinks they're having a party and is blasting a killer mix tape on blown out speakers to no one in particular. Also, they have a microphone. 

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Happy Dagger -- Nowhere

Quality song-writing and lyricism, with production techniques that elevate.

Grade-A, Neo-psychedelia pop rock, with soul.


It starts with a guy and a guitar (and so these songs are fun to play).

Catchy, with great timbre and tone that adds to the overall sound. Clever riffs.

Occasionally, textural, ambient synth in places, when the synth is not directly supportive as a more prominent voice.

Progressions are engaging and lead to beautiful places. 

Bass guitar and drums fill out a steady, confident backdrop to some truly dreamy vocals across eight of ten tracks.

The vocals are top-notch.

Every track offers something interesting. 

Three major take aways: “Still I Strategize”, “10000 Miles”, and “Tomorrow”. 

Ira Bobbins-Bangs
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 Ira Bobbins-Bangs
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PLAN PONY - Martyr (single)

Martyr I - Lush sonic assault of psych-industrial-punk

Martyr II - Murky reverberated beauty of an ominous lullaby choir, singing me to eternal sleep

Hipster Souffle - CD only, so I didn't get to hear it, but I assume its not a cover of 4.33

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Jason Kester
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@Ira Bobbins-Bangs thanks so much for the kind words! I can send you the third track if you like? I’m @jasekester on Twitter 

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