Calendar of Events – Out of the Blue Too Gallery (February 2016)
Calendar of Events – Out of the Blue Too Gallery (February 2016)

Calendar of Events – Out of the Blue Too Gallery (February 2016)

The mission of Out of the Blue Gallery is to organize, support, and present to the public at large the creative efforts of local artists, musicians, and more from our community. The gallery encourages artists of all backgrounds to share with us and celebrate the uniqueness they bring from different cultures, genders, ages and academic backgrounds. Artists of all abilities are given an opportunity to share in the expression of the arts and all of its varieties and forms; painting, music, dance, poetry, short story, acting or singing, and for these same artists to intermingle with those of different disciplines to better be able to grow and learn from each other. The Gallery’s purpose is to bring people together in an inspiring, supportive, and empowering environment.

When: Feb. 11
Who: Skyjelly + Breakfast Cowboy + Jarva Land + The Forgotten Jam
What: The Sharkbag Collective is celebrating 33 years in business, but you don’t have to.
When: Feb. 12
Who: Honeysuckle + Darryl Rahn
When: Feb. 18
Who: IAN + Mega Bog + EKP + Harmoos
When: Feb. 19
Who: CoPilot + Brother Joy + Baluchitherium + The Silver Mirrors + Dead Green Roses 
When: Feb. 27
Who: Bedroom Eyes + BLEW + Earthquake Party!
What: This month marks the tenth year of Clicky Clicky Music Blog and its coverage of the now sounds from Boston and the greater everywhere. To celebrate the milestone, we’re throwing an all-ages rock show with friends old and new. Please join us in Cambridge, MA for a night of noise and revelry and big time rock songs.
When: Feb. 28
Who: Audrey Harrer + Sound Shaman + Kar’nam + Lychee
Full calendar of OOTBT events can be found here.


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