Boston Not LA

Boston Not LA (not to confuse with legendary hardcore compilation) is a series of digital compilation that got its start in 2010 with the goal of showcasing a diversity of Boston and New England music scene.
Vol. 1 (2010) – featuring Ghost Box Orchestra, Skyjelly, Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Craig Robertson, Koala, Soccer Mom, Lion Cub, Night Fruit, WhiteShoeBrownShoe, The Art of Attraction, Wring, Aeon Vespertine, Jenova 7, The Televangelist and the Architect and Zip-Tie Handcuffs.

Vol. 2 (2012) – featuring Destroy Babylon, RIBS, Uranium Daughters, Many Mansions, Skyjelly, Static of the Gods, Ruin/Renewal, Il Abanico, Red Bellows, Beware the Dangers of the Ghost Scorpion, Blue Skye, Incus, Daydreamers Club, Jenova 7, Young Adults, The Doctors Fox, Gun Shop Daddy, Grass is Green, Whir, A Bit Much, Aeon Vespertine, Spaceless, Ghost Box Orchestra and The Minor Three.

Vol. 3 (2014) – featuring School for Robots, Skyjelly, Mary Casiello, Con-Tex, Andrew Geano, Twink, The Sound Down Cellar, Valentin Prince, Jenova 7, Designer, Sophia Belle and The Vortices.