Boston Not LA / Gone In 60 Sec. Marathon – Ghost Box Orchestra
Boston Not LA / Gone In 60 Sec. Marathon – Ghost Box Orchestra

Boston Not LA / Gone In 60 Sec. Marathon – Ghost Box Orchestra

MP3: Oh The Moon Hangs Low
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He’s not a ghostbuster, exactly. But from the name of his band right down to the way he records his songs, the music Jeremy Lassetter makes with his mostly instrumental Ghost Box Orchestra seems to tap into unknown forces of inspiration. Call it a noisy, shape-shifting corner of the spirit world, if you will — apparitions summoned as sound rather than specter.
Boston Globe

GBO is an instrumental band out of Boston which features members of such local bands as Lockgroove and Broken River Prophet.
“The Only Light On”, their debut album, came out in 2010 and Boston Globe described it as “a sumptuously multilayered affair for the senses; seven tracks of whisper-to-roar delicacy and power that, taken together, make for a spectral stretch of music that sounds far greater than the sum of its individual parts.”
As the band points out on their website, “The album was recorded in early 2010 at 1867 Recording Studio, a cavernous Freemasons Lodge-turned-recording studio in Chelsea, MA.  Using a mix of analog outboard gear and digital recording workflow, the band achieved the best of both vintage and modern recording styles, tracking all songs live in the ornate former Freemasons haunt.  Considering the rich history of Boston and the mysterious nature of the Freemasons, mystical forces were perceived influencing the recording process. ”
More recently, GBO played at Deep Heaven Now 2 festival in Somerville, MA.
Note – GBO are currently playing shows in Boston, so check out the band’s tour dates/schedule
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